Pete Davidson's Suicidal Note Alarms People And Nicki Minaj Backs Him Up!


Pete Davidson just shared a troubling message that implied he has some suicidal thoughts and fans worried about him!

Pete Davidson posted a note on Instagram that suggesting he's suicidal.

"i really don't want to be on this earth anymore." he wrote and fans worried about him. 

Also he deactivated his Instagram account now.

Davidson got pissed of online trolls for bullying him but he told that he won't kill himself no matter how hard they tried to get him to.

After his troubling note people began to support and show that they got his back!

Yesterday, Ariana Grande threw some major shade feud between Kanye and Drake.

It made Kanye little bit angry.

He told that mental health issues are serious problems and it can't be a laughingstock.

Kanye accused her of using his mental health problems to promote her new song.

Then Ariana apologizes.

Thereupon, Nicki Minaj offers her support and warns people to be sensitive about mental health problems.

She seems like she fire upon Ariana.

Also Minaj' tweet about Mac Miller can piss Ariana off...

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