Nat Geo's First Scripted Series “Genius” Will Start With Einstein!


The National Geographic Channel has officially declared that they have jumped into the scripted game! Genius is coming out in April, but it’s already famous. Let’s take a look.

This anthology series will tell the fascinating stories of the world’s most brilliant minds...

And the first of those geniuses will be the famous German physicist Albert Einstein.

“Genius” will be screened over 10 episodes and is based on the Walter Isaacson book "Einstein: His Life and Universe."

Walter Isaacson is a famous journalist who wrote biographies of Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin, and Steve Jobs.

Genius is directed by Ron Howard, who has been nominated for five Academy Awards, including best picture. Ron Howard directed Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind." - a four-time Oscar winner, including best picture and best director.

Geoffrey Rush, who’ll play Einstein in the series, says "Genius will help paint a picture of who Einstein really was — outside of his role as a scientist."

And Johnny Flynn will play the “young” Einstein.

Emily Watson stars alongside Rush and Flynn as the scientist’s second wife Elsa Einstein.

Can't wait!

Extended Trailer of Genius

And this is Einstein playing LADY GAGA on the violin!!!

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