Meet The Internet's New Boy Crush: Sam Claflin! 😍


Sam Claflin is a sweet face we want to see more of! 😍 I know you want to get to know him better! Let's see who this cute boy really is...

His laugh,

His gaze,

Look at how handsome he is...

Samuel George Claflin, ladies and gentlemen!

Sam Claflin in short. Sammy to be exact. 😍

Born in 1986, his sign is cancer.

The reason we hear his name so much is his success in acting.

He started to climb the ladder of fame with his role in the TV series The Pillars of the Earth.

He started to get offers from various film companies with his successful performance in the series.

He starred in Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White and the Huntsman, Hunger Games.

The real turning point of his career was with Love, Rosie in 2014....

...And Me Before You which was released this year.

His lead role performance with Emilia Clarke got so many positive reactions!

Actually, he doesn't have any acting in his blood.

“My family doesn't have anything to do with acting" said Sam in an interview. "They are so unrelated to it... It's really nice being able to get excited on my accomplishments together."  

Let's take a look at his personal life...

He has the cutest dog ever. His Instagram account is full of selfies of with his dog!

If he didn't become an actor, he would make a great soccer player!

Claflin used to play soccer 24/7... He is in love with it! Sadly, he broke his ankle while playing soccer with his friends at the park. He was in the School of Excellence of Norwich City FC but he injured his ankle, and that was the end of his soccer career. "I realized how serious the situation was from the pain, I tried to go on with soccer but my ankle couldn't take it..." explains Sam.

What is that ring doing there??? 😪

Fangirls start crying right here...

He got married to actress Laura Haddock in 2013!

And their marriage surely makes everyone jelly...

Just like this...

Soon, a cute addition is coming to his family!

Maybe even already did!

We wish the best of luck to him!

And we want to see more of him on the screen! 😍
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