Meet Mrs. Snapchat: Miranda Kerr!!


The world's youngest billionaire Evan Spiegel is about to get married to super model Miranda Kerr! Spiegel is known to be a fan of partying and luxurious cars. However, he is now ready to settle down with Miranda!

1. She is one of our favorite Victoria's Secret angels: Miranda Kerr!

2. Kerr hasn't been very lucky in her relationships over the recent years.

3. She got divorced from Orlando Bloom in 2013 after 3 years of marriage.

4. There were serious rumors about Kerr cheating on Bloom with Justin Bieber.

5. After a while, Kerr started dating Evan Spiegel.

6. The relationship has been going smoothly since the day they started dating.

You can tell how happy they are from their photos❤

7. They bought a mansion for $12.5 Million in LA in order to start living together.

8. Nowadays, they are too busy decorating their own mansion!

9. Because these two lovebirds are planning to get married soon!

10. Evan Spiegel doesn't hesitate to spend money to make Miranda's son Flynn happy!

11. But wait - who is this Evan Spiegel?

Spiegel was born in LA in 1990. He is a Stanford graduate.

12. You actually know him well. He is the founder of Snapchat!!!

Spiegel met Snapchat co-founders Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy in his student years in Stanford College. On an interview he gave to Forbes, Spiegel states: "We weren't the coolest guys of the campus. For this reason we needed to build something to be more cool." Apparently, he got what he wanted. Snapchat's net worth is 2.1 Billion $$$ as of 2015!

13. Spiegel is too busy climbing the stairs of success.

Snapchat continues to grow bigger and bigger!

14. He met Miranda Kerr at Snapchat's own party!

15. What more can we say! Hope, these two will live happily ever after!

16. 😇

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