Kanye West Has The Most Secure iPhone Password And People Cannot Stop Laughing!


Kanye West met up with President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday and he typed his password on live TV!

You cannot believe what his password is!

Famous rapper, Kanye West and President Donald Trump meet at the White House to talk about prison reform and gang violence.

Trump says 'He's a different kind of guy and that's OK with me,' for West.

Until now, everything is okay but then things are escalated quickly!

West is about to show something to president from his iphone while all cameras are on record!

West revealed his password when he tried to show a GIF of a 'the iPlane 1' which is a hydrogen-powered concept aircraft.

You will be stupefied because Kanye West’s iPhone password is 000000!

That means West secures his phone with the incredibly complicated password of 000000....

People start to make fun of his super secure password!

Nice work, Kanye 😂

I think he need 😅

It would be much more secure than now!


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