If You Liked 'The Watcher', Here are Other Unsolved Mysteries You Can Stream on Netflix

etiket If You Liked 'The Watcher', Here are Other Unsolved Mysteries You Can Stream on Netflix

Pauline Nicole Sael
October 26 2022 - 05:52pm

In case you've missed it, mystery thriller documentaries are becoming a hit on Netflix nowadays, and viewers just can't stop craving more.

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The thrill that these mystery dramas and real-life documentaries bring know how to get the taste of the viewers since once they have watched one, they will want more.

We know you're thrilled to know more and to complete your Netflix Watchlist, continue reading to find out.

The Unsolved Mystery of Binge Watching

The Unsolved Mystery of Binge Watching

Since the pandemic, binge-watching Netflix shows have become part of our daily lives, and once we delve into a particular genre, it is impossible to stop because we keep wanting more.

One of which is The Watcher, both authored and directed by Ryan Murphy, starring Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale play as Nora and Dean Brannock respectively, a couple who spend all of their savings on a dream house in the suburbs, in the seven-episode series.

Soon after they move there, the Brannocks began receiving cryptic letters from the Watcher, who claims to maintain constant surveillance on the house and its new tenants.

The Thrill in Thriller Documentaries

The Thrill in Thriller Documentaries

Sometimes, do you wonder why many people are drawn to and fond of thriller documentaries? 

Well, the mystery in loving mystery documentaries sometimes is because most of the time, reality is sometimes more bizarre than fantasy. 

This is why a lot of viewers who are fond of true crime documentaries are so drawn to the genre: It helps us better understand the world around us — as well as the parts that have been hidden in our blind spots.

While true crime documentaries can send chills down your spine, they also reveal the unjust systems at play, spotlight the psychological extremes that humans are capable of, and, when done respectfully, allow the victims and survivors to speak for themselves.

10 Thriller Mysteries You Can Stream on Netflix

Without further ado, here are the ten true-to-life thriller documentaries that you may want to watch on Netflix that can give you goosebumps and make you guess more.

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Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, it was never his intention for his social site to solve murders. 

After several enraged online viewers found a disturbing online video involving abusing animals, specifically cats, Facebook users have tried to track down the person behind the camera. 

Surprisingly, they discovered that this particular person is not just an animal torturer, but also a sadistic killer.

Final verdict: The most horrifying true crime documentaries are those that start from one seemingly unbelievable story to the other. While watching this documentary, the viewer will guess at every turn in every episode.

Girl in the Picture

A young woman's body was found beside a road from a hit-and-run incident, but investigators soon discovered that it wasn't some common accident. 

After her sudden death, she left behind an older husband and a son who would get kidnapped subsequently. 

As journalists dug into the mysterious case, it slowly became clear that the woman wasn't who they thought she was, and neither was her 'husband.'

Final verdict: A documentary from 2017, Abducted in Plain Sight stood out among other crime documentaries. Conversations sparked among viewers about the kidnapping mystery of a 12-year-old by her neighbor.

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

Warren Jeffs ascended as the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) after the death of Rulon Jeffs, the FLDS practices plural marriage with its extremist offshoot of mainstream fundamental Mormonism. 

From the inside look, Jeffs created a system of abuse and duress, forcing the members of the denomination, mostly underage, into polygamy and other abusive actions. 

In this documentary series, former FLDS members and survivors come forward to share their stories and experiences.

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Final verdict: With the unseen VCR footage from within the FLDS itself, the series will provide the well-known story and experience with a deeply relatable face — told through recent interviews with his wives and parishioners. 

The viewers will get an out-of-the-ordinary look into how Jeffs exercised his control over his family and church members through several types of abuse.

Casting JonBenet

6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in 1996 in a bizarre and wide-covered case that sparked media gossip and many conspiracy theories and tabloid covers but was left unsolved. 

Casting JonBenet is a mixture of documentaries with reenactments to visualize the crime that happened and describe its impact on the collective psyche. 

While casting actors, they auditioned for the roles of the crime's key players, while also sharing their thoughts and guesses about what happened to the young pageant queen.

Final verdict: Over the decades, the story of JonBenet Ramsay still brings chills to the young actors who portray her in future documentaries, movies, or skits.

Athlete A

The title of the documentative film refers to USAG gymnast Maggie Nichols as 'Athlete A' to protect her identity while investigations about the sexual abuse by USAG doctor Larry Nassar were ongoing.

This documentary follows and features the survivors of the United States of America Gymnastics (USAG) doctor Larry Nassar's terrifying abuse, as well as the team of investigative journalists who exposed the story.

Final verdict: Many USAG gymnasts experienced traumatizing abuse behind its doors. The documentative film Athlete A gives the audience an inside look at the abusive doctor along with his other issues the USAG covered up.

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The Keepers

The person responsible for Sister Cathy's death remained a mystery, until a series of investigations. A 26-year-old nun from suburban Baltimore was murdered and her sudden death struck the town, mostly her students from her local high school, Archbishop Keough High School. 

As investigators dig into this suburban crime, they eventually learn that her death may not have been the only injustice on their own. Was the sister murdered to cover up even more horrible crimes?

Final verdict: The most shocking part of The Keepers is seeing the lengths that powerful institutions will go to in an attempt to cover up their sins.

The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea

Women and entire families were brutally murdered in Seoul, South Korea during 2003-2004. As fear among the citizens spread throughout the city, the hunt for South Korea's most violent serial killer became more urgent than ever. 

The targets were mainly the rich, elderly residents of Seoul, the raincoat killer also started prostitutes and escort girls, murdering at least eleven women between May and July of 2004 by luring them to his residential unit, beating them to death with his hammer before dismembering the bodies.

Final verdict: The series gives the watcher the adrenaline rush that would make them feel like they're also a part of the hunt to capture the most violent serial killers South Korea has known.

Worst Roommate Ever

It may have been a literal nightmare for everyone to have roommates with malevolent and sometimes violent intentions whose cohabitant is unaware of. 

Worst Roommate Ever tells a horrifying true story of four different roommates with the worst cohabitation stories one could ever imagine.

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Final verdict: While the title is named after the main topic of the series, it focuses on the survivors and witnesses of these worst cohabitation experiences, with the use of animation to fully visualize the disturbance these stories bring.

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

Blockbuster college admission from 2019 revealed there was an ongoing criminal conspiracy to influence admission into the country's most prestigious schools.

Final verdict: Through interviews with those involved in the scheme and reenactments of the dialogue from transcripts, the documentary focuses on the mastermind of the bogus scam, Rick Singer. He tried to convince them that it was fine to cheat to the top.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet

The documentary series focuses on a woman's journey to go against the most hated man on the internet to take down her daughter's photos uploaded on a revenge porn site. 

Hunter Moore's website named Anyone Up? not only allowed users to upload explicit photos without consent, but Moore himself hacked into the gadgets of his victims to gather the photos himself.

Final verdict: Moore's tactic is highly unethical and inhumane, as why the directors of this docuseries went over the limits to push the most ethical series possible to reenact the incident. 

The documentary series focuses on the victims who gave their insights and experiences on Moore's actions.

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No matter what genre you prefer, there is always something to watch for you.

Now, if you love watching thriller documentaries that are true to life and are still unsolved, this list will keep you busy and accompanied.

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