Household Items That Will Make Your Neighbor Jealous


Cause we earn money and buy things just to make other people jealous.

1. Remote round table...

...of The Knights of Round Table

2. Door that can go transparent

3. Lampbook or a booklamp

4. An extraordinary door

Watch your hands and fingers

5. Bank transforming into a picnic table

6. Floppy Disk Coffe Table

No more losing the remote

7. Most mobile chair ever

8. Magnetic can opener

Why we never thought of this?

9. Armchair auto-refilling your beverage

From now on, it's your best friend

10. Big table that can turn into... a small table

11. Fountain creating shapes

12. Cup changing with heat

13. Trippy wallframe

14. Table and chair that can go 2D

15. A really weird chair that can shapeshift

16. Surprise Bed

17. Walking table

Just don't kick it ok?

18. Infinite chairs

19. Table without limits

20. Armchair that can transform into stove

Somehow it feels like Sims

21. Work table blending into wall

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