Footballer Eric Dier Sends Social Media Into Meltdown Because Of His Unbelievable Bulge!


Eric Dier shared a photo in his social media but fans spotted a rather rude looking protrusion in his tracksuit bottoms!

24-year-old footballer posted a photo with Sporting Clube de Portugal president Frederico Varandas and players Carlos Mané, Adrien Silva, Luís Nani!

But photo catches fans' attention.

It's not clear if the photo is real or nor, but it is clear that there is an optical illusion caused by a fold in the fabric of his trousers.

One commenter helpfully zoomed in on the snap so that others could get a close up view!

People can't believe their eyes!

Another commented sarcastically:

One fan joked that they had been keeping an eye on the footballer's manhood for quite some time!

Another fan shared a shocked meme as Dier's very phallic photo!

Ready for take off!

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