Digital Artist, Omar Aqil, Converts Picasso Paintings Into Marvelous Modern Sculptures


Omar Aqil is a digital artist from Pakistan. If you're into Picasso's style, you will love Aqil's modern series called MIMIC. The artist offers this project as a new way of interpreting the same artwork.

Omar Aqil is a digital artist and an art director living in Pakistan.

Omar randomly selected the artworks of Pablo Picasso for the project.

He recreated the works of art in 3D sculptures.

Works by the artist display a postmodern approach but still preserves Picasso's style.

Omar Aqil's personal interpretation of Picasso's art is striking.

Omar brings dimension to paintings like 'Seated Woman' and 'Monument to the Spaniards.'

He brings voluminous texture and unexpected depth to the work.

Omar Aqil expresses his admiration for Picasso's style.

A remake of the painting 'Visage,' 1928.

Omar Aqil explains his art's purpose as being a different visual explanation for different interpretations.

According to Omar, when you compare the two different types of work; you can realize that you see the paintings differently than the sculptures.

You can check out the entire MIMIC project...

... by clicking here.

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