Couple Who Readily Accepted Dying Neighbor’s Three Kids Receives An Awesome Surprise!

etiket Couple Who Readily Accepted Dying Neighbor’s Three Kids Receives An Awesome Surprise!

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January 27 2017 - 08:47pm

Tisha Beauchmin was struggling with raising her five children, along with her husband Kevin Beauchmin, as they worked at a casino in Las Vegas. But when Audrey, their neighbor, asked them to look after her three kids so she could get some tests done at the hospital, the Beauchmins readily opened their home for the youngsters.

Then, Audrey died. Here is rest of this amazing story of kindness with a heartwarming surprise!


Unfortunately, when the test results came back, Audrey learned she had stage two esophageal and stomach cancer.

Only two weeks later, it had progressed to a much more serious level, leaving Audrey only a short time left to spend with her children and make arrangements for them so they would be cared for after her imminent death.

Other than their daughters being friends, Tisha and Audrey did not know each other very well.

After Audrey died, the temporary situation had suddenly become shaky and the kids were not sure whether they would be sent to foster homes – but Tisha would have any of that. She and Kevin worked on adopting Audrey’s kids.

Asked by Fox 5 what compelled her to take the three children in as her own, Tisha answered, “Because they are kids.”

Tisha had been an orphan and was put up for adoption as a kid but after spending years in foster homes, she didn’t want more kids to experience the same thing.

“I had to go into a foster home and I don’t want them to ever have to deal with anything I had to deal with as a child because children deserve to be children. They have been through too much. They deserve a loving family and a place to call home.”

But because their house is already cramped with 7 original members, they needed to provide separate beds for 3 more kids and a division in the rooms so that they will be approved for adoption.

Holly is seventeen, and she sleeps on the first floor in the room adjacent to the kitchen. Tisha’s oldest son, Chad, sleeps in the recliner in the living room.

If you ask Chad though, he is not bitter, but has the same attitude as his mother. “I’m at work a lot so I would much rather me sleep on it before any of them sleep on it,” he says about his humble sleeping arrangements.

The other kids also did their best to fit into rest of the house by sharing same rooms or even beds.

Destiny and Miranda sleep together in the same bed in another room. Alycia and Morgan are the two friends who brought these families together and are used to sleeping together in the same bed in Morgan’s room.

Kayden and Kendall, two of the boys, started to sleep in the loft together as the family was looking to construct a wall in order to make the space a real bedroom.

And this is where their friend Elizabeth Thames came in.

Knowing what the family had gone through, she nominated them to Fox5 Surprise Squad – and they got chosen for what would become the squad’s biggest surprise yet!

The Surprise Squad showed up on Tisha’s doorstep, telling her they were going to put up the wall in the boys’ room and pay for the entire family to stay in a hotel for a few days while they made the necessary renovations to the home.

What they did not tell her, however, was that they were also going to replace the furniture and give each child their own bed, change the carpets, and repaint the house, all in addition to building the wall.

Since they were unable to add on an additional room for Chad, he was given $1,500 to use toward an apartment for himself. The family also received a year’s worth of free groceries to help them make the transition to a larger family.

Tisha’s husband, Kevin, said, “It’s usually hard to figure out how we’re going to get food—and we always do it—but we are not going to have to stress about that.” The entire family was in complete awe over the generosity.

Grab the tissues before you watch the heartwarming Surprise the Beauchmins received:

Isn’t that wonderful? Kevin and Tisha Beauchmin had only hoped to save Audrey’s kids but they got something wonderful from people who recognized their big hearts… ☺️

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