Baby I'm Worth It! We Picked 20 Sapphire Engagement Rings For You To Be Mesmerized By!


These are for those who don't want the classic diamond but are going for that modern twist! In this compilation done by BuzzFeed, you will find the best sapphire rings of our age.

#1 This one with blue sapphire stones. 😍


#2 So much grace in this black one with the gentle bends.


#3 This princess ring might make you say yes twice. 😇


#4 Covered in pretty little stars, how is this not the perfect ring?


#5 If you like showing off your jewelry, this one is so perfect for you!


#6 This green-stone sapphire is a YES! ❤️


#7 Congrats, you are officially in the royal family!


#8 Shaped like a crescent, another minimalist piece that won our hearts! 😍


#9 Blue sapphire + diamond = Perfection 😇


#10 This 7-piece pink sapphire ring is for all you out there who want to keep it simple yet elegant!


#11 "I want it to be cool but not like everyone else's" style.


#12 For those of you who love the classics...


#13 8 round diamonds and 4 blue sapphire stones!


#14 This special design will spin people's heads... 💖


#15 Elegant but attractive... Covered in gems! 😻


#16 These 4 gorgeous stones might symbolize 4 special moments in your relationship...


#17 A humble blue sapphire and diamond, such a good combination...


#18 This one is our favorite, and it is inspired by the Japanese magnolia. 😍😍


#19 For the princess in you...


#20 The infinity symbol embellished with yellow and blue sapphires. <3


Aaaand this one is for those of us who want it all😂😂
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