Are You Brave Enough To Eat? 10 Popular Insect “Snacks” Around The World!


For your attention, these unique insect foods aren’t for everyone! Around the world, eating insects is normal and it is so popular. A study shows that over 2 billion people across the world eat insects! Here are 10 worldwide insects that you have to be brave enough to eat!

1. Crickets - Thailand

One of the most popular insect food in Thailand is referred the frying of crickets. Most commonly, it is sold as a deep-fried snack. Crickets offer a variety of minerals like calcium, copper, and zinc.

2. Live Scorpions - China

While they’re not insects, scorpions are also consumed in China. They are served as live but dunked into hot oil before being served.

3. Wasps - Japan

Japan serves wasps in various different ways. Sometimes they are served in a cookie and sometimes cooked and placed inside agar-agar jelly. A specific wasp delicacy in Japan is wasp crackers.

4. Stinkbugs - Mexico

Stinkbugs are commonly eaten in Mexico whether live or cooked. At the Jumil Festival, stinkbugs are believed to hold medicinal, as well as aphrodisiacal, effects, and it contains high amounts of protein and minerals.

5. Dragonflies - Indonesia

In Indonesia, dragonflies make a very appealing snack. Dragonflies are cooked before served and their wings are taken off.

6. Mopane Worm - Zimbabwe

The mopane worm is a daily part of the diets of many in Zimbabwe. They are cooked in a variety of different ways but before cooked, they are squeezed until they no longer have any of their liquid green entrails left inside.

7. Ants - Brazil

The ants are sometimes fried and sometimes sautéed. They are served alongside a green vegetable or in a salad.

8. Termites - Kenya

In Kenya, termites are added into the tea or sometimes people directly gives them to babies. It is believed that termites contain abundant amount of nutritional benefits and it helps to children’s growth.

9. Silkworm Pupae - Korea

In Korea, silkworm pupae has been eaten for ages. It has been boiled, seasoned, and left in a brothy liquid before served.

10. Locusts - Israel

Locusts can be eaten in different ways, but most commonly it is fried. But before being fried, it can be rolled into flour, spices, and garlic.

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