Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Divorce W/ Brad Pitt For The First Time!


Last September dream couple Brangelina have decided to end their 12 marriage. The couple remained silent in order to protect their family values and children over the last couple of months. Angelina has put an end to this silence over the last interview she has given to BBC World.


1. The whole world was shocked when Angelina Jolie announced that she is filing for divorce with 12 year long husband Brad Pitt.

2. According to some rumors, 'an incident' occured during on family's personal plane, when they were travelling from Europe to California, between the kids and Brad Pitt.

Following these rumors, Angelia Jolie filed for divorce 4 days following this incident.

Social services purged Brad Pitt and FBI stated that they do not have to go further on this investigation.

3. Following these events, Hollywood's favorite couple found themselves in a battle for the custody of the kids.

Brad Pitt was accusing Angelina Jolie for revealing personal and private information to public.

On the other hand, Angelina was accusing Brad for insulting him on media and distracting people from the actual problem.

4. The custody of the children was given to Angelina Jolie with the condition of Brad Pitt's limited visitation.

5. After all of the difficult times, Angelina finally opened up about the divorce for the first time. The confession was full of emotions, as one might expect.

6. Angelina gave an interview to BBC World.


It was a difficult time but we are a family and we will continue to be one. This situation is experienced by many other people. My whole family has gone through similar situations.


9. We hope that everything works out best for Angelina and her precious family!
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