An Execution Method From The Dark Days Of History That'll Creep You Out: Defenestration


Again, here we are with one of the strangest examples from our history dear friends. This time, our topic is ''fortunately'' a past execution method: Defenestration! Like killing people wasn't enough, these people killed them with a different method. Let's see what that method was and hope that it will never happen again.

The method takes its name from an event that happened in Prague in 1419.

While the Latin word "de" corresponds to the word "out" in our language, the word "fenestra" means "window." This method of execution expresses the killing of criminals by throwing them out of the window and the concept of defenestration is taken from an incident that took place in Prague, the city of Bohemia at that time.

The events began when Hussitler, who opposed Catholic belief, walked into the municipal court.

The rebels walked to the municipal court in Charles Square, demanding the release of the convicted Hussitler. Hussitler, who had been angry after a stone was thrown at their leader Jan Zelivsky, and who rejected the release, marched to the municipality palace and began to throw members of the council out of the window.

A group of insurgents were waiting down below, with the spears facing up, while members of the assembly were thrown out of the windows.

Thus, the members of the council thrown out of the window landed on the spears and died, and those who did not fall on the spears were brutally killed by the angry crowd. Unfortunately, this event was not going to be the last defenestration of Prague.

Because a very similar event was going to happen again after 200 years.

The event, called "Second Defenestration of Prague," took place in 1618. This time, the conflict was between the Catholics and the Protestants and the Protestants threw two Catholics, who supported the king, from the 67-foot-high windows of the Prague's Castle. Fortunately, those who were thrown out of the window luckily survived this time. The explanation that the Catholics brought to that time was that these two men were rescued by the Virgin Mary, but the real reason for their survival was that they fell on top of the stack of fertilizer placed under the windows.

The Czech historian Ota Konrad says about the subject:

"I think that the inspiration of the Defenestration comes from the Bible, and the story of Jezebel, who was thrown out of the window and killed by her own people in the Bible, could be a source of inspiration for executions in Prague, as well as a symbolic execution: Falling of a powerful person from the top, earning a bad reputation.

Historical examples of the defenestration are not limited to events in Prague ...

The murder of William Douglas by King James II of Scotland in 1452 and the subsequent execution of Adham Khan by the Babe Emperor a century later constitute other historical examples of the defenestration.

The example of this execution in recent history is very sad.

Fela Kuti, a renowned musician and human rights activist, criticized the army for a hard dime on his Zombie album, which was released on the market in 1977, causing his mother to be thrown out of the window by Nigerian soldiers, who then burned the dead body. This event is the last defenestration event of our history reflected in the media and we hope that it will remain as so.

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