An Alien Kiss From Mars!


If you really believe that aliens exist on the Red Planet, then you can also believe they’re blowing us a kiss! An alien-looking face in a Mars rock can be seen in the latest photograph that was taken by Nasa’s Curiosity Rover! You can easily see an eye, cheeks, a forehead, a nose, a chin and lips that look like they’re blowing a kiss!

The space and UFO blog named UFO Sightings Daily noticed this formation and said: “This face is the side view of a (sic) intelligent species." Of course, this is just a rock that looks like a face. But let’s just keep it fun.

The image was captured by Curiosity on 7th November

The Curiosity rover is now touring around the base of Mount Sharp on the Gale Crater. It took the photo on Sol 1512, which translates to 7th of November on Earth. 


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