30 Times Emma Stone Was Totally Relatable! Happy 30th!


Happy 30th birthday to our best friend, Emma Stone!

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1. Her thoughts about dieting:

"You're a human being, you live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake."

2. When she fan-girled over her friend Taylor Swift (they knew each other for 10 years) with Gigi Hadid on a concert

3. That time she revealed her ''love story'' with her BFF Jennifer Lawrence.

"Jennifer Lawrence and I both had the same stalker, John the Orchestra Guy," Stone told W Magazine, which eventually lead to the duo texting. 

"Jen and I texted for a year before we actually met," Stone continued. "As she was driving to my house, she thought, 'Oh, my God, what if it's John the Orchestra Guy?' And I thought, 'Oh, my God, what if it's John the Orchestra Guy?' So Jen calls me and says, 'I just want to make sure you're not John the Orchestra Guy.' I wasn't. And we met. It's our adorable love story."

4. When he shared her honest thoughts on motherhood.

"My perspective about kids has changed as I've gotten older,' she told pal Jennifer Lawrence during their interview " I never babysat or anything. As a teenager, I was like, I'm never getting married, I'm never having kids. And then I got older and I was like, I really want to get married, I really want to have kids," she said in Elle magazine interview.

5. When she admitted that she just can't imagine her life without Ryan Gosling, her three-time co-star and good friend. Totally.

"I can't even imagine what my life would be without Ryan." She continued, "He's so special. It makes me emotional." 

6. That time she impersonated Britney Spears.

7. That time she admitted to crying in front of Tom Hanks, Diane Keaton and Lorne Michaels.

8. When she admitted that her worst habit is not texting people back.

9. When she was a reality show contestant on VH1's In Search of the Partridge Family in 2004. She ended up getting the role of Laurie Partridge after auditioning with Meredith Brooks' "Bitch" in the shortlived reboot.

"I did it, ended up winning this competition show, and met Billy Mann, who was the show's music producer, who introduced me to my lawyer, who introduced me to my manager, Doug Wald, who's my manager to this day," she said of the experience in a 2012 interview with The Daily Beast.

10. When she was able to spot a C-list celebrity ex-boyfriend during an interview with Rolling Stone.

"Oh, shit, I think Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend just sat down – the one who looks like an Elvis Presley impersonator," she said.

11. That time she admitted to deleting her Facebook because she got too addicted to Farmville.

"It's a fake farm, but it doesn't feel fake!" she said. "I was leaving dinners to harvest. Real dinners!"

12. That time she was the voice of a dog on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

13. When she got real about her thoughts on turning the big 3-0.

"My twenties were a really interesting time, and there's been a lot that has happened in these past 10 years, both positive and not as positive," she said in her Elle profile. "It's weird how much turning 30 crystallizes your life. Instead of just living the dreams that I had in my youth and getting to do the job that I love to do and making friends and going through all of that, it's like, now what do I actively want as an adult?"

14. When she admitted any movie by Nancy Meyers is her go-to sad and lonely movie.

15. When she admitted she was "a huge computer nerd" growing up...and would even build free websites for people she met in online forums.

"After first grade before I went into second grade, I had my first panic attack. It was really, really terrifying and overwhelming,"

16. When she got matching tattoos with her mom —blackbird feet tattoos on the inside of their wrists (in deference to the Beatles song) sketched by Sir Paul McCartney himself.

17. That time she won an Oscar (Best Actress for La La Land) when she was only 28, and gave one of the most humble acceptance speeches ever.

"I still have a lot of growing and learning and work to do," she said. "And this guy is a really beautiful symbol to continue on that journey and I'm so grateful for that. So, thank you so much. Thank you."

18. That time she actually cried when Mel B aka Scary Spice surprised her during an interview.

"I was obsessed with the Spice Girls," she later said on The Graham Norton Show, "and they taught me about girl power!"

19. When she revealed she's obsessed with serial killers...but not in a creepy way?

"I can tell you pretty much anything about Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer. I'm fascinated to see how [someone becomes a serial killer] that happens and whether or not you can trace it back to a moment in their childhood,"

20. That time she and ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield used the paparazzi frenzy around them to their advantage, promoting two charities by holding up cardboard signs in front of their faces.

21. And when they did this when they spotted a fan trying to take a sneaky pic of them in a restaurant.

22. That time she took care of Jennifer Lawrence when she had a little too much fun at an Adele concert.

"I don't really stay out late. I'm kind of a bummer. I'm a nana. It's hard to get me out, and when I do go out I don't really stay out late. If I do stay out late and I'm partying hard, I will throw up. I don't have the tolerance to black out; I just start puking,"__ Lawrence once revealed. "Ask Emma Stone. It was the night we saw Adele in L.A. She just started rubbing my back. She was really sweet. I was like, 'Get out of here. It's so gross.'"

23. When she admitted she's low-key obsessed with Hocus Pocus. She once revealed she and Lawrence watched it during a girl's night in, and offered it up as a movie that made her want to be an actor when she was younger during her Vogue 73 Questions interview.

24. When she revealed she sucked her thumb until she was 11 years old.

25. That time she revealed she almost picked "Riley Stone" as her stage name because her real name, Emily Stone, was already being used.

26. When she revealed her obsession with K-Pop...pre-BTS!

"It's a global phenomenon," she told Conan O'Brien in 2016. "It's beyond excellent. It's the best thing you've ever seen." Her fave K-Pop groups included Girls' Generation and 2NE1.

27. When she gave us the best reaction GIFs and she keeps on giving.

28. When she curled up into an actual ball after a weary workout.

29. When she offered up these amazing words when accepting the first-ever MTV Trailblazer Award.


"I know that when you're a teenager—sometimes when you're an adult—what sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it's not. And a lot of the time, it's what makes you great."

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