30 of the Best Encouraging Quotes to Help You in Life

etiket 30 of the Best Encouraging Quotes to Help You in Life

Pauline Nicole Sael
September 19 2022 - 03:44pm

Even the most cheerful person you know might have days when they are frustrated, stressed, or unhappy. Being an adult is challenging, and there are times when we simply can't help but feel as though we are drowning in obligations, stress, and concern. 

Well, even young kids and teenagers occasionally need some extra encouragement! When that occurs, a few encouraging words can be all it takes to make us smile again and reassure us that things will get better soon.

We've compiled a list of inspiring phrases below that are intended to motivate, encourage, and support someone who is having a hard time. So through this list and mark the items that stand out to you. 

One of these inspiring quotes can be exactly the thing to make someone's day because you never know who might need a little more positivity in their life!

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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

“The best revenge is massive success.”

– Frank Sinatra

“The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal.”

– Criss Jami, Killosophy

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

– Henry Ford

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“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

– Albert Einstein

“I believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings.”

– Gustave Flaubert

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.”

– Zig Ziglar

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

– Abraham Lincoln

"Don't try to lessen yourself for the world; let the world catch up to you."

– Beyoncé

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“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

– Mary Anne Radmacher

It's normal to not feel good. You are a human being because of the harmony between your good and negative emotions. To feel strong, you must first feel vulnerable. Despite not defining you as a person, your failures do influence your success.

But how can you get going again?

It's straightforward: you require encouragement and support. You need to be surrounded by things and people who can support you in overcoming the challenges life presents.

While maintaining your calm (on your own) is important, it doesn't hurt to seek the support you require to start over. You only need a little bit of support from your loved ones, coworkers, and friends to get through this.

“Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.”

– Democritus

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“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.“

– Nikos Kazantzakis

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.”

– John Lennon

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

– George Addair

“Your destiny is to fulfill those things upon which you focus most intently. So choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent, beautiful, uplifting, and joyful. Your life is always moving toward something.”

– Ralph Marston

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“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best."

– St. Jerome

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

– Napoleon Hill

"Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined."

– Toni Morrison

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

– Stephen King

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When you—or a friend—is going through one of those phases where you feel like life is a daily battle, it's crucial to keep in mind that it's acceptable to not be okay. However, you may give someone who is feeling down a little bit of hope with a few easy words of encouragement. 

Alternatively, if you need some motivation to keep going at a particularly trying period, maybe staring in the mirror and repeating these inspirational sayings will help.

Even though they are only words, these words have power. Instilling courage through encouragement is a daring act that can occasionally be more persuasive and effective than motivation.

Encouragement might help you think clearly and get back on your feet. They are not just for you to think about, but also for you to apply anytime a friend needs them.

“Inhale, exhale, it is well, it is well. All of this is a part of the story you will tell.”

– Morgan Harper Nichols

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”

– Lance Armstrong

“You cannot expect victory and plan for defeat.”

– Joel Osteen

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“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. Time will pass anyway.”

–Earl Nightingale

“You don’t need to be better than anyone else, you just need to be better than you used to be.”

– Dale Carnegie

“The best way out is always through.”

– Robert Frost

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

– Henry Thoreau

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

– Samuel Johnson

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"If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one!"

– Dolly Parton

“Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.”

– Arthur Golden

We only become aware of our strength when faced with obstacles in life, and the only way to overcome these obstructions is to grow in strength and meet them head-on.

But should this power be limited to you? Would it not be good to have your friends have the same experience if you were able to overcome your setbacks?

Indeed, words have the ability to uplift anyone in need, including you and your friends.

Sincere, direct, and inspiring words of encouragement will surely change anyone's outlook on life, regardless of whether they are experiencing a serious difficulty in their lives or are simply losing confidence in themselves.

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