24 Facts About The Computer Wonderboy: Bill Gates!


Bill Gates is an American businessman, investor and author. Gates is commonly known for being a pioneer of the personal computer revolution and starting up the world's largest software company, Microsoft, with Paul Allen.

Here are the most interesting facts about Bill Gates' personal and professional life!

1. Bill Gates was raised in a middle class family.


His father is a lawyer while his mother is a business women who served in the University of Washington board of regents

2. Bill wrote his first computer program when he was 13 years old with a General Electric computer. The program was a tic-tac-toe game.


3. He managed to sell his first computer program for 4,200 Dollars when he was 17.


Bill was attending to a private high school at that time and paid his school expenses with that money.

4. He once told his professors that he would be a millionaire by the time he was 30 years old.


He became one when he was 31 years old.

5. When he was working at Altair Computer in 1975, he had already written a new version of BASIC computer language.


Normally, this would take 6 months of teamwork. However, Bill Gates managed to finish it in 5 days.

6. He quit Harvard University in 1975 and founded Microsoft with Paul Allen with only 100 Dollars.


7. They began with Micro-Soft first, then dropped the dash in between.


8. Gates explains that if Microsoft wasn't a successful company, he would be a researcher on artificial intelligence.


9. Bill was arrested in 1977 for driving without a licence and a red light violation.


10. Although Bill is farsighted most of the time, and is the owner of this unfortunate statement.


"640K ought to be enough for anybody."

11. Gates bought Leonardo da Vinci's handwritten works for 30.8 Million Dollars!


12. Bill has his own private jet.


13. Bill is known to love Porsche cars and he has a Porsche collection.


14. As one might expect, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were not on good terms with each other.


It is rumored that Jobs made Gates wait for an hour in an hotel just to make him mad.

15. Bill is known to ban his relatives from using Apple products.


16. Gates was attacked by Belgian actor and author Noel Godin in 1998. Godin threw a cake at Gates' face.


17. Gates earns 250 dollars in a second, 15,000 in a minute, 20 Million a day and 7 Billion Dollars over a year.


18. Bill Gates was the richest person alive between years 1995 to 2008.


19. In 2007, he was awarded with a honorary degree from Harvard University.


20. His greatest regret is that he doesn't speak any other language than English.


21. Although Gates has billions of dollars, he will only leave 10 Million Dollars to his children.


When you consider the fact that he has around 81.1 Billion Dollars, this number might seem low. However, Gates believes that young people should learn how to earn money for themselves. It is predicted that he will donate his legacy to the foundation he started with his wife.

22. Gates spends most of his time with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Nevertheless, he has a personal assistant who supervises his jobs around Microsoft.

23. The Gates couple has donated around 28 Billion dollars up to this day and they are happily continuing to do so.


24. It is estimated that around 6 Million people have been saved with the money Gates donated to charity.


The money was mostly spent on vaccines and other health services.

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