23 Gross Things People Found In Their Food That’ll Kill Your Appetite FOREVER!


You’d probably scream if you found a little sea creature in a tin of tuna instead of tuna. But it seems a lot of us encounter such disgusting things in their food: from rats to hair, toenail, or even a huge knife forgotten in a sandwich. Here are 23 things found in food that’ll definitely gross you out. 😕

1. This almost-extraterrestrial being had been living in a juice box until someone found it. 😕


2. Well at least we know it didn’t die hungry… 😨


3. A British mom found this tongue-eating parasite in a tuna can! 😨

4. 100% chicken nuggets. Literally. With the head and everything.

5. Imagine you're enjoying your coffee in a fast food restaurant and finding this after you finish drinking the whole thing. 😨

Or, don't. 

6. "Your salad is straight from nature, sir."

7. Another little fella, insisted on hanging on to its habitat.

8. This scorpion travelled 5,000 miles from Costa Rica to UK!

And it was still alive!

9. And this frog was found in a bag of frozen vegetables.

10. How about a snake's head in your meal? 🐍

11. Yes, what you're looking at is a rat covered in curry sauce. 😕

12. It's either the worst murder plan or the most epic case of amnesia.

13. Never eating out, I guess?

14. Even in infant formula. A rat foot.

Yeap, another one. 😨

15. Bugs on a loaf of bread.


16. A rat wrapped with a loaf of bread...


17. A metal thingy in bread. Fortunately seen before someone lost a few teeth.


18. Toe nail in a jar of bolognese sauce. 😕

19. RIP, buddy.

20. It's getting crazier: this is a BAT found in a bag of chips!

21. And here's a condom flavored sandwich. 😕

That face... 

22. Hair in bread. 😕


Not one single hair. Hair. Lots of them. 

23. Not the scenery you'd expect when you open up a can of vegetables...

And it looks ALIVE. 😨

Not eating today. 😞

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