22 Things Adam Levine Looked Like at The Super Bowl That's Actually Accurate AF!


Adam Levine is wearing from Target I guess...

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/javiermoreno/ad...

1. In the Super Bowl halftime Adam Levine had a great performance with Travis Scott. But his shirt was the biggest topic of the Super Bowl this year.

2. Levine's shirt was looking a lot like this pillow.

3. And this chair.

4. And also another chair!

5. What about this kitchen towel?

6. Louis Vuitton bag is the best thing that his shirt was compared.

7. But the pillows preserve the peak.

8. Apparently, everyone has a pillow like that.


10. Also curtains joined the comparison.

11. Aside his shirt, also his tattooed body compared with Chipotle bags.

12. Literally, Chipotle bags.

13. That's both sad and funny.

14. It seems that Adam Levine is looking like a lot of things.

15. Such as an Xbox character from 2004...

16. ...And a fake tattooed shirt.

17. From The Lost Boys movie...

18. ...To Danny Trejo

19. Don't forget Jared Leto's Joker.

20. An Ouija Board!!!

21. Spider from School of Rock.

22. And the famous Popeye himself.

Bonus: Will you remember Adam Levine's performance? No, but you will definitely remember his pillow, sorry shirt!

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