21 Superheroes: Then&Now!


Years are passing by, and we are in a constant effort to keep up with new technology and trends. Do you know what your favorite superheroes have been doing all these years? Assuming that you don't, we are presenting you the pictures of them, then and now, as compiled by BoredPanda. You will think that evolution is a thing in the superhero universe, as well. 

We must tell you that time has been more generous to your favorite superheroes than it has been to you...

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/

1. Exo-Man 1977 And Iron Man 2008

"Who is this plastic pipe?" said the current Iron Man.

2. Hulk 1978 And 2012

"Have you been working out, Hulk?"

3. Wolverine 2000 And 2013

"We see that you, too, are keeping up with the beard trend, Wolverine. Nice claws by the way. Have you upgraded them, too? Are they natural?"

4. Thor 1978 And 2015

"All these years have made you nothing but sexier, Thor."

5. Superman 1948 And 2016

"Was there no such thing as a six pack back in 1948? You still looked georgeous, Superman."

6. Cat Woman 1966 And 2012

"You still melt our hearts, Cat Woman."

7. Spider Man 1977 And 2016

8. Batman 1943 And 2016

"Are you gonna hit the gym afterwards? Can we come with you, Batman?"

9. Joker 1966 And 2016

"Joker, we can see that you have changed quite a lot, too. You have become more lively than you ever were in a decade."

10. Wonder Woman 1975 And 2017

"Seems that you've always been a badass, Wonder Woman."

11. Hulk And Thor 1988 - 2012

"We love this team."

12. Captain America 1990 And 2016

"You weren't going to just sit and watch while America was changing, were you?"

13. Power Rangers 1993 And 2017

"Guys, always remember where you came from."

14. Robocop 1987 And 2014

15. Penguin 1966 And 1992

16. Nick Fury 1998 And 2012

"All we can say is that you still rock."

17. Flash 1990 And 2016

18. Supergirl 1984 And 2015

"Is there possibility that you will share the secret, by any chance?"

19. Ninja Turtles 1993 And 2016

"We knew that turtles had a long life span. What we didn't know was that they also get younger and better looking as time passes."

20. Daredevil 2003 And 2016

21. Fantastic Four 1994 And 2015

"We see that you haven't let anyone into the group, guys."

Well...time is flying by... 😪😪

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