20 Very Rare Photos Bringing Out The Life in 1930s!


From the construction of Mount Rushmore to Alfred Hitchcock casually reading a book at the breakfast table... These photos will reveal the intimate details of how life looked like in back in 1930s...

1. SatNav a device manually scrolls paper maps

2. Construction of Mount Rushmore

3. Alfred Hitchcock in LA

4. The models for the famous painting American Gothic

5. The opening of the Empire State Building

6. Wired Baby Cage

7. Bullets for Hitler

8. Disposing of Alcohol During Prohibition

9. Burning Cigarette Dispenser

10. Bonnie and Clyde

11. Construction of the Hoover Dam

12. Max Factor's Beauty Micrometer

13. Mussolini's Fascist Headquarters in Rome

14. Coats Coat Coat Store

15. Driving Across the Pudding River

16. Stalin pulling a face at his bodyguard

17. A Public Telephone Call

18. Einstein holding an Einstein puppet

19. Cabaret Dancers wearing fake mustaches

20. Young skater wearing a safety cushion

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