20 Facts You Still Don't Know About The Ever Sexy Angelina Jolie!


How well do you think you know Angelina?

The beautiful actress Angelina Jolie is surely very interesting and extraordinary. Angelina is a mother of six, a licensed pilot, a motorcycle rider, a bisexual and she enjoys playing with knives? Do we have your attention? 

Here are interesting things you don't know about the sexiest woman on the earth... 👇

1. Angelina doesn't use the last name of her father John Voight since they are not on good terms with each other.

Angeline has chosen "Jolie" as a surname which means beautiful in French. She went to the court and officially changed her surname to Jolie in 2001.

2. She hates it when someone hugs her!

I can't even describe the feeling when someone is holding me.

 Angelina once told that she even hates her mother hugging her.

3. She has Tennessee Williams' words tattooed on her left arm.

"A Prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages"

4. Angelina is known to have a weirdly intimate relationship with her brother James Haven.

These two kissed on the lips on Academy Awards red carpet in 2000.

5. Angelina is a bisexual. She defines herself as the person who would enjoy having sex with a female fan the most.

Before getting married to Brad Pitt, Angelina had a brief relationship with Jenny Shimizu, whom she met at the set of Foxfire.

If I weren't married to my husband, I'd probably marry Jenny. I fell in love with her at the second I saw her.

6. She wanted to become a mortician when she was a child.⚰

She was expelled from school when she was 14. She was constantly wearing black at that time. She was dreaming of becoming a mortician.

7. She suffered from depression and had suicidal tendencies when she was a still a teenager. She tried to hire someone to kill her at the ages of 19 and 22.

8. At the age of 14, Angelina's mother insisted she become a model. When Angelina failed in her modelling career, she went into a depression and started harming herself.

Angelina had a difficult childhood. When she was 11, her friends mocked her for being extremely skinny and wearing glasses. Following these events, when she failed in her modelling experience, she was crushed. She continued to harm herself for a while.

 I was collecting knives because cutting myself has become a rituel for me. This was kind of a therapy for me because I felt alive after hurting myself.

9. She is a collector of knives 🗡

She is proud of having a battle axe and an African spear in her collection.

10. Angelina claims that she is a wild person in bed and she enjoys playing with knives in bed as well.

I'm constantly surrounded with knives. During my first sexual intercourse, we had attacked each other with knives. We didn't hurt each other, but this feels so primitive.

11. Angelina has a huge interest in reptiles. She has had plenty of snakes and lizards as a pet.🐍🐍

Her favorite snake was named Harry Dean Stanton and her favorite lizard was named Vladimir.

12. She is obssessed with death and blood. 💉

She is obssessed with death and blood.  💉
She is obssessed with death and blood.  💉

Angelina Jolie's first marriage was with the British actor Johnny Lee Miller in 1996. Angelina wore black leather pants and a t-shirt with Johnny's name written on it with her own blood.

Angelina's second husband was the famous actor Billy Bob Thornton. The couple carried each other's blood in their necklaces.

Some people think that diamonds are beautiful. I think there is nothing more beautiful than my husband's blood.

13. Angelina is a licensed pilot ✈️

Apart from being a passionate motorcyle rider, Angelina is a licensed pilot. She has been taking piloting lesson since 2004. She has a private Cirrus SR22 model airplane.

14. Angelina has been collecting guns🔫

Angelina claims that she is good with guns. No wonder she was so successful in playing Lara Croft.

If I have to use guns, I am very talented.

15. She sold the photos of her biological children for a little fortune and donated this money!💸

She sold the photos of her biological children for a little fortune and donated this money!💸
She sold the photos of her biological children for a little fortune and donated this money!💸

Photos of Shiloh, 2006, sold for 4.1 million dollars.

Photos of the twins, 2008, sold for 11 million dollars!

16. Angelina is considered to be one of the sexiest women in the world. She's been on the most attractive people lists from all over the world.

17. Angelina is also known for her charity work. She was chosen as the Ambassador of Goodwill in 2001.

The beautiful actress traveled to over 20 countries to help the ones in need.

18. She is an Honorary British Knight!

She was given this title from Queen Elizabeth II, on 2014 in London.

19. She has citizenships in three different countries.

Angelina is an American citizen. She went to Cambodia for shooting Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and fell in love with the country and the people. She adopted a child from that country and did charity work for Cambodia. She became a citizen of Cambodia in 2004. She has also gained a honorary citizenship for Europe for raising awareness on the Bosnian War with her movie In the Land of Blood and Honey.

20. She's also capable of eating spider, cockroaches and more!

Because she says people during war had to do that in order to survive so can we. She even taught her kids to get adjusted to the taste in a recent BBC interview!

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