19 Things Only Red Lipstick Lovers Can Understand!


Red lipstick is one of the biggest obsessions for some women. It can be so intense that it isn't even enough when you own all the shades of red, and you feel incomplete when you aren't wearing your super-gorge lipstick. Buzzfeed compiled these 19 points, only and only those who are crazy for red lipsticks can understand!

1. Everything has started with "one" innocent red lipstick.


2. Who could have known that you would want to have 500 million shades of red?


3. Others think that you have too many lipsticks in the same color.



4. But this point is exactly where your special talent manifests itself. You can notice even the slightest difference between the shades of red.


5. The one you use in summer

6. Has to be different than the one you prefer to wear in winter.


7. And your favorite shade of red adorns your lips throughout the year.

The contrary is unthinkable.

8. Your obsession with red lipsticks requires you to leave a signature on every cup you use.


9. And napkins...


10. Who else would understand the pacing of your heart while passing by a cosmetics store?

11. You try to stay away, but you fail, don't ya?


12. Despite your undying love, there are times when your lipstick does betray you.

13. And you witness the problems that come with wearing your lipstick before brushing your teeth when you see the color of your toothbrush.


14. Seeing the perfectly applied red lipsticks must cause a unique kind of jealousy in you.


15. And there is nothing worse than losing your favorite shade.


Even if you still have a handful in your drawer...

16. Once you are done with lipstick shopping, you can observe almost every shade of red on your hands and arms.


17. And no matter what, when you go somewhere without wearing your lipstick, people believe there is something wrong with you.


18. Of course, you have already tried the other colors.


And you accept that those ones are also beautiful and cool.

19. But you still know that nothing else can beat your signature red lips.


And you wonder consider stopping wearing red lipstick until the day you die.

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