19 "Gifts" Kylie Jenner Got That Are Worth More Than Your House!


The youngest of the Kardashians, the most famous family on tv, just turned 19. She recently added the title of business woman to her fame. We made a list of the most expensive presents she received up til today.

1. A 19th birthday present from Kylie Jenner to herself, Land Rover SVAutobiography.

This vehicle with the interior custom made is priced at $200,000.

2. A Maybach, the present from her boyfriend.


This navy blue Mercedes Maybach costs only $200,000.

Getting a Maybach while eating a banana....


3. The puppy her best friend Jordyn Woods gave her.


This cute puppy is Penny Jenner. Sadly, Penny's not adopted and she costs $1,081.

Kylie Jenner's dog family consisting of Ernie, Norman and Bambi warmed up to Penny quickly.

4. A cheaper gift: This floatable "castle"

A brand planned this surprised for her and put the King Kylie castle in Kylie's backyard. The toy costs $1,500.

5. The filter Snapchat made for Kylie on her birthday.


Well, she's the most followed person on Snapchat... The filter is priceless.

6. This flower bouquet she got on her birthday, consisting of 136 white roses and peonies.

Costs $1,225. What did you get for your birthday?

7. White Ferrari Tyga bought for Kylie last year.


Tyga likes to efface his mistakes with big gifts. This car is priced at $300,000. The gossip was that Tyga took his car back, and maybe he even rented it.

8. The promise ring she got from Tyga.


Our girl likes tough relationships. Kylie and Tyga are hot and cold all the time. Some say Tyga got this promise ring to make up to her. Kylie explains this ring's purpose as committing to a monogamous relationship. We don't know what went down between these two but it looks like things are getting serious. We also don't know how much this big ass ring costs yet, but judging from the size of it....

9. Another one.


Yes, she likes fancy things. This ring may buy a couple houses like the one you are living in right now.

10. A private jet, because how can a celebrity live without it?


When Kylie turned 18, she got a white private jet like the rest of the family so she doesn't have to buy tickets to go anywhere like us mortals.

11. The bag she received from her mom, Kris Jenner, last year.


Kris Jenner likes to spoil(!) her youngest. Hemés Birkin bags cost between $10,000-150,000. The most expensive models are made from real alligator skin. This doesn't look like one of those but we can tell you it's not cheap, at all.

12. A new year's gift she got from Oliver Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain.


The custom made dress Kylie wore last year, of course costs a couple thousand dollars.

13. Graduation gift Cartier bracelet.


The bracelet she got for her high school graduation costs $10,100. Kylie Jenner has a collection of this brand's bracelets. (Ha ha ha)

14. 24 carat gold Rolex topped with diamonds, she got as a graduation gift.



15. Drake's performance on her 16th birthday party.


Money buys everything.

FYI: Tyga performed at Kendall's 16th birthday party, too. Tyga, 22 at the time, met Kylie when she was only 14.


Yeah, weird.

16. Mercedes SUV she got for her sweet 16.


She only used this $125,000 car for 2 weeks until she brutally crashed it. (WHAAT?)

17. Celiné bag she got as a new year's gift when she was only 15.


One of the most popular models, this bag costs €1,900-2,500 today.

18. The puppies Kendall and Kylie got in 2011.


They named them Louis and Vuitton. What a surprise. We don't know what happened to these poor dogs.

19. Custom made birthday cakes her friends brought.


Last year's lip shaped cake looks very sarcastic. ;)

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