19 Actors Who Deserve To Be In Better Places With Their Acting Skills


There are many people in the world with no acting talent whatsoever but they still get to be famous and are known by almost everyone. We know that acting is a tough business, especially in Hollywood, but some people deserve to be in better places than where they are today. In this list, we put together 19 actors who deserve to be in better places.

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17 Actresses Who Deserve To Be In Better Places With Their Acting Skills - onedio.co

1. John Goodman


This big guy deserved more after Barton Fink and The Big Lebowski. Still, he's one of the few actors who are good supporting actors.

Oh, and the Fred Flinstone choice was great.👌

2. Ed Harris


He's a really good character actor. He has so many great roles you can choose from but he doesn't have an Oscar yet. Still, he's respected a lot.

3. Vincent D'Onofrio


His most legendary role was in Full Metal Jacket, as you all know. These days he's in the series Daredevil as Kingpin. This talent deserves much more.

4. Jeremy Renner


After he was nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Hurt Locker, he received one more nomination for his performance in The Town. Though he's acting in popular movies, he should have been a leading actor a long time ago.

5. Michael Shannon


His face is so dull, and his looks give you the chills. When he blows, he'll blow big. He's a great 'bad guy' actor.

6. Paul Giamatti


He's a master of being a supporting actor. We sometimes see him in leading roles. We understood that he should be acting as a leading actor more after seeing his performances in Sideways, and Barney's Version.

7. Tim Roth


He's one of the guys whose value is not fully recognized. People like him for his role in Reservoir Dogs' and Pulp Fiction' as well as his role in The Legend of 900. It's impossible to not like him after watching Lie to Me.

8. Brendan Gleeson

We see this sweet old Irish actor in many movies but he should be recognized by many more people. The same goes for his son Domhnall.

9. Guy Pearce


He has given such great acting performances in so many good movies like L.A. Confidential, Memento, and The Count of Monte Cristo, as well as some really bad ones, thus making him a little less popular than he should be.

10. Ben Foster


He was better than Russel Crowe and Christian Bale in 3:10 to Yuma. He gave an amazing performance again last year in Hell or High Water. If he stops playing the roles of unstable sideman for awhile, it would be better for him.

11. Greg Kinnear


He's been in movies since the 90s and we always saw him. Everybody remembers him from As Good as It Gets and Little Miss Sunshine.

He was even better in Stuck in Love, and Flash of Genius, in which he was the leading actor.

12. Sam Rockwell


He proved himself worthy with his performances in The Green Mile and The Moon. We all like him because of the attitude he puts in every role but it would be better if he had a leading role as well.

13. Stanley Tucci

If he keeps going like this, he'll be a supporting actor 20 years in the future as well, but it really suits him.

14. Philip Seymour Hoffman


We were all shocked over his unexpected death. If he was in a movie, we all thought it was a good one. Oh, poor Philip.

15. Joaquin Phoenix


If you think he's a 'bad guy' because of his role as Commodus, we can say he's more than that. His performances in Walk the Line and Her were unforgettable.

16. Michael Sheen

You can see he's talented especially in movies like The Damned Nation, Frost/Nixon, and in the series Masters of Sex. He played the role of a robot in his last movie The Passengers, which was one of the great parts of the movie.

17. Willem Dafoe


We especially remember him from Spider-Man and as a detective in Boondock Saints. Let's not forget his role in Platoon, as well. We're all waiting to see how he'll be in Death Note.

18. Andy Serkis


We salute the great talent behind Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, Kong in King Kong, and Ceaser in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

19. Hugo Weaving


There's more than an actor behind that mask!

His role as Agent Smith or Elrond is not enough, this guy should have had a better career!

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