17 Yummy Cakes Perfectly Disguised As Junk Food!


There are such things that only specific experienced and talented people can do! However, we can't say the same thing for Laura Loukaides, whom we came across with on Lifebuzz. Laura's actual job has nothing to do with pastry, but she creates such masterpieces that you can't believe she hasn't been doing this all her life. Laura designs various types of cakes, but we want to show you the ones that look like the food-court of a mall!

1. Laura has learned all about pastry by herself!


2. She swears she hasn't taken any classes whatsoever!


3. She has the talent to make her cakes look like anything but a cake.


4. She has won many national and international competitions with her cakes.


5. How is it possible that this is not a hamburger?!


6. And how real does this one look?


7. Everything in her spaghetti & meatballs design is edible, except the fork.


8. This authentic looking traditional British meal of Fish & Chips made it into a magazine issue.


9. She also provides online tutorials. How very nice and sweet of her!


10. "If you have the right support system you can create endless designs to make anyone speechless," she writes on one of her tutorials online.


11. How about a pepperoni birthday cake, pizza lovers?


12. And here is a more cake-like design! :)

13. She works as thoroughly as a sculptor.

14. She can even beat gravity!

15. It is almost impossible to call her cakes, cakes.

16. How about an English stuffed potato?

17. And this is what earned her a gold medal! Congrats, Laura!


You can follow her work on her Instagram account.

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