17 Must Read Facts About Game Of Thrones!


Game of Thrones is one of the most famous tv shows in popular culture. Prepare to take your fandom into a new level with these 17 facts about your favorite show!

Warning! This list includes some major spoilers!

1. In the books, Robb Stark and Jon Snow's last words were their wolves' names.


2. Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell, was a big fan of the show before she joined the cast. She only reads her own scenes in the script to avoid spoilers.


3. Sophie Turner, aka Sansa, had a hard time singing in front of people in the episode Blackwater Battle. Sophie, who doesn't like her voice, had to sing her song in a room full of strangers.


4. Maisie Williams was bored of wearing the same outfit for 4 seasons. She was looking forward for her time in Braavos so she could wear new costumes.


5. 700 different costumes are prepared for each episode. This number climbs up to 7000 for each season.


6. It is rumored that Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsay Bolton, is inspired by Joker in this role.

7. Emilia Clarke's wig needs two hours to be prepared in order to get her gorgeous Khaleesi hair.


8. In the books, Hodor's real name was Walder. Hodor was introduced as Wylis on the show recently.

9. Daario Naharis was described to have dyed blue hair and beard in the book series. He also has a yellow mustache. In the show, these details are eliminated.

10. The make up process of this White Walker took exactly 6 hours. The only part CGI was used for was for making its eyes blue.


11. When Maisie Williams was playing the parts where Arya is blind, she was actually unable to see anything. This problem was solved by making tiny holes in these contacts in order to shoot fighting scenes.


12. Cersei has been wearing Joffrey's ring since his death.

13. To be able to hide Jon Snow's return from death in season 6, he was mentioned as LC (Lord Commander) in all the scripts.


14. The Mountain, who plays the older brother of The Hound, is actually 20 years younger than Roy McCann.


15. With Balon Greyjoy's death, the series has continued its tradition of slaying a king each season.

16. Tyrion actually loses his nose in The Blackwater Battle in the book series. This detail is not included in the show since this would require CGI effects each episode that would increase the production costs. Tyrion has a scar on his face instead.


17. In the books, The Hound's face is described as follows : "The left side of his face is a ruin with no ear but only a hole. There is a twisted mass of scar around his good left eye. Slick black flesh is pocked with craters and deep cracks that ooze red and wet. His eyes are grey. On his jaw, bone shows.".

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