17 Celebrities Who Have Been to Rehab For Substance Abuse!


Being a celebrity might seem like a dream-come-true for many people. Being a celebrity means that their lives will be in the focus of many others even on the most private moments. This type of constant attention sometimes causes celebrities to fall into the pit of drug and alcohol addiction. While some of these celebrities manage to make a fresh start, some of them damaged their careers due to their battle with drugs and addiction.

1. Amanda Bynes

2. Ben Affleck

3. Britney Spears

4. Catherine Zeta Jones

5. Charlie Sheen

6. Cory Monteith

7. David Arquette

8. Eva Mendez

9. Keith Urban

10. Nicole Richie

11. Robert Downey Jr.

12. Demi Moore

13. Drew Barrymore

14. Kelly Osbourne

15. Lindsay Lohan

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