16 Celebrities Who Look Out Of This World With A Little Help From Photoshop!


Photoshop is one of the most important inventions of the modern society. When photo manipulators try to represent the celebrities as flawless beings, these photos lose their touch with reality. 😂 

Would you like to see how? Feel free to scroll down!

Source: http://www.trueactivist.com/20-before-af...

1. It's no surprise that Madonna has some wrinkles on her face...

2. Someone might have guessed that you can't build muscles overnight!

3. Kim Cattrall is always beautiful.

4. Someone doesn't like Cindy Crawford, it seems.

5. Even Jonathan Rhys Meyers needs better photos from time to time!

6. Miley Cyrus

7. Can you spot the differences?

8. Fergie : Before and After the proper lighting!

9. This image illustrates the extreme usage of Photoshop...

10. 2 completely different Lindsays.

11. Is Angelina Jolie exhausted?

12. Jennifer Lawrence


13. Keira Knightley is from the small chest team, apparently.

14. Kim Kardashian

15. Miranda Kerr

16. Gwen Stefani rules!

We would like to congratulate all the photoshop experts out there 👏👊

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