16 Brilliant Life Hacks That You Wish You Knew Them Before!


Let's make life easier!

1. If the curtains don't close all the way, use a coat hanger with clips.

2. If you're moving, a few garbage bags will help you to pack your entire closet in one minute!

3. If you're in a hotel room and you don't have an opener, just use the door!

4. Sticking an avocado in a beer koozie can help it ripen faster.

5. Stick your phone in a bag and hang it in front of you! Your personal TV is ready!

6. Or karate-chop a soda can and DIY a little stand for yourself.


8. You want to stop your computer from falling asleep? Stick a watch face underneath the mouse!

9. A few command hooks on the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors make for the perfect place to stash pot lids.

10. If your laptop hinge is broken but everything else works, an old picture frame can help you.

11. This little white plastic things in pizza boxes can be a good phone stand!

12. No more tears!

13. A few pool noodles can save your fingers and toes!

14. And a couple command hooks on a trash bin can also help!


16. A binder clip can help you store your toothpaste a little more neatly on the counter!

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