15 Must See And Must Eat Countries For The Ones Who Live For Their Stomach!


If you're one of the people who doesn't eat for a living but who live for eating, these countries are just for you!

Pack up your things!

Note: The countries are given regardless of any rating.

1. Italy


There's nothing much to say about Italian cuisine. The savors from Italy are the favorites of all the world. Without any doubt, you should visit Italy to taste the best examples of these world famous savors.

2. India


First, we had better remind you that Hindus are vegetarian and cows are holy in India. 

However, it's possible to find many other options. Rice is the most prominent element of Indian cuisine.

3. Greece


Similar to Turkish cuisine in many ways, the Greek cuisine would give you a kick.

4. The Philppines


The Philippine cuisine can be seen as a mixture of different traditions. Thus, people coming from various parts of the world can find food they can eat with pleasure.

5. Pakistan


Pakistan has a common history with India despite some religious and cultural differences. Therefore, Pakistan cuisine exhibits great similarities with the Indian cuisine. 

However, the differences we mentioned made their way to the cuisine too. Also, it goes without saying that alcohol sales are prohibited in the country.

6. Thailand


As with many Asian cuisines, rice is the main ingredient of Thai cuisine. Also, they use some sauces with on many different foods. 

This can be seen as a weakness with regard to diversity, but Thai cuisine has many recipes worth trying.

7. Ukraine


Beware, you can fall in love with Ukrainian cuisine! Different recipes, soups, desserts, the mixture of interesting savors. The Ukranian cuisine is really a success!

8. Japan


It's not a secret that the recipes that you can eat are limited in the Japanese cuisine. However, Japanese cuisine is not just what you eat, it is an experience to be lived with its presentation, culture, and traditions.

9. China


Chinese cuisine, without any doubt, is one of the most famous cuisines in the world. Therefore, it's possible to come across a Chinese restaurant in any country. 

But, to come across real Chinese cuisine, you should visit China!

10. Spain


Spain is a country with great diversity when it comes to eating. From food that you can buy on the street to the most luxurious restaurants, you can eat delicious meals everywhere.

11. France

France has one of the most famous cuisines in the world. Paris it the capital city for the gourmets. Thus, it's worth giving a try.

12. Vietnam


Vietnamese cuisine shows resemblance to other Asian cuisines. Enjoy the savor!

13. Mexico


Sunny with warm weather, blue seas, and liters of tequila... This is not just a dream, it's a reality of Mexico and it's not limited to these.

14. Switzerland


Switzerland is a country which features the German, French, and Italien cultures together. Thus, it's cuisine depends on different roots. 

There are many options to taste but the most important one is the chocolate.

15. Portugal


Portugal has a cuisine culture with the seafood on the forefront but is not limited to these. They are so delicious that you could gain too much weight in such a short time. 😊

Bonus: Turkey


What a fine and rich food culture Turkey has? Turkey has recently started to use this potential as an attraction. 

Bon voyage and bon appetit to everyone!  🌈✈️

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