15 Famous People Who Started Out Their Careers Serving Food!


The world famous celebrities were not born that way. Some of them worked in restaurants and cafes to make money in their earlier years. We prepared a list of celebrities who are now worth millions of dollars but were making burgers in the past.

1. Megan Fox


30 year-old actress used to work in Smuzi. Megan Fox admitted that she also worked as the mascot of the place and wore a banana costume! She also stated that the customers tended to touch her too much, so she quit the job.

2. Madonna


The 57 year-old queen, Madonna was fired due to splashing too much jelly on the customers of the donut place she was working at.

3. James Franco


Preparing to be an actor, James Franco used to work in the night shifts at a hamburger place. James, now 36 years old, was a vegetarian until he started working there.

4. Rachel McAdams


The 37 year-old Canadian actress from True Detective worked in a hamburger place for 3 years before entering Hollywood.

5. Eva Mendes


42 year-old Eva Mendes worked in many different restaurants in her younger years. Mendes worked for minimum wage in pizza and hotdog restaurants.

6. Jennifer Hudson


The 34 year-old actress and singer Jennifer Hudson got a life time gift card from the burger place she was working at. Hudson can still eat there whenever she wants for free. Surprising.

7. Chris Rock


The host of the 2016 Oscars, 51 year-old comedian Chris Rock, used to clean the dishes in a restaurant for a couple bucks per hour.

8. Pink


To prove to her family that she could make her own money, Pink worked at a drive-through in a burger restaurant.

9. Amy Adams


The 41 year-old actress worked as a waitress for a small amount of time. She stands out from the list by being an old Hooters waitress.

10. Eva Longoria


The youngest daughter of a Mexican family, Eva Longoria made her own money at age 15 to have the traditional Mexican ceremony for her 15th birthday (Quinceañera). Her family could not afford it for her sisters, so she made it possible for herself with the money she made.

11. Nick Cannon


35 year-old rapper, comedian and actor Nick Cannon was forced to work in a restaurant by his mother due to money difficulties. The adventure didn't last long since he was fired because of talking too much and making jokes all the time.

12. Gwen Stefani


The band No Doubt, consisting of 46 year-old singer Gwen Stefani and her brother, was basically formed in a fast food restaurant they were working at.

13. Mariah Carey


46 year-old singer Mariah Carey used to work at a sports bar. Carey does not hesitate to state that she sucked at serving people food and had zero talent for being a waitress.

14. Lady Gaga


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lady Gaga as we know it, left home when she was 19 to prove that she didn't need her family. She started her career as a waitress in a café. We don't even need to state that she became an icon later on.

15. Brad Pitt


Yep, Brad Pitt for real. The 52 year-old actor had a similar career path as Megan Fox. He used to be a mascot, wear a giant chicken costume and walk around. He gives us hope that we can accomplish everything if we want to. 0 to 100 real quick.

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