15 Cool Decoration Tips That Will Transform Your Home For Good!


Home sweet home is where we find peace and feel cozy and happy. At least it is the way it should be. Changing your home decoration doesn't have to be difficult, but sometimes we tend to exaggerate the trouble and just can't actually start doing anything.

It is actually pretty easy to go with smaller projects and change the whole atmosphere.

Here is how:

1. You can go back to the good old days with a blackboard!


Blackboard is one of the elements that softens the aura in a room. It is also available in paint form. Isn't it a good idea to put up or paint one on an empty column in your kitchen and upgrade your shopping list or daily reminders!

2. You can make use of your wine corks instead of throwing them away.


To especially keep your necklaces that get tangled all the time in order, what you need is a wine cork. You can paint them in different colors, stick them on a bar and hang it on the wall. It both looks nice and keeps your stuff in order!

3. Small changes can lead to big results.


How about painting your plant pots?

4. Don't be sad because you don't have a nightstand.


It is very easy to remodel your old coffee tables. All you need to do is to cut them in half, paint them in a color of your choosing and fix them to your bed headboard and start using them as nightstands!

5. How about a fury lamp?


Illumination is quite expensive, but you can make your own: a lamp or chandelier like in the photo will do wonders!

6. No empty walls!


What makes a home cool is the beautiful things hung on the walls. Pick any photo and get it printed on A0 size paper and you are now a proud owner of a painting.

7. Pimp the old shelves!

You can buy such metal parts very cheap and adorn your shelves!

8. If you don't have a bed headboard, curtains will save you!


Just hang some textile on a nice metal bar and create a whole different aura. It will make your room look larger, too!

9. Your mirror can be much prettier than you think!


You can use your unused, old CDs: break them into smaller parts and glue them on the outer frame of your mirror!

10. Huge letters are always the right choice.

Find a word for your motto! You can cut big letters out of styrofoam, pimp them and hang them!

11. You don't have a table? You can make one!


This can be the cutest idea here. Paint a table pattern on your wall, place a wallboard to achieve a real table effect!

12. The reading corner should be both comfy and peaceful.

You can make a cute reading corner for yourself if you are living alone. A couple of comfy pillows and a bed-net will help you clear your head and read.

If you have kids, such a nice corner will also motivate them to read more!

13. Did you know that your doormat could be this useful?


The patterns of doormats are beautiful but they aren't used in any other way. We are here to disprove this mentality! You can draw the pattern of your doormat on chipboard or cardboard to create your own masterpiece!

14. How about you make the rooms in your home more clear?


Just like the street signs, you can create a fun and creative plate to make it clear which one is whose room. Way to make your home more fun!

15. If you don't have shelves, you can use frames!

You can easily make unique shelves using frames!

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