15 Celebrities Looking So Much Different When With And Without A Beard


Growing a beard can make a huge difference when it comes to men's look. It can turn a babyface into a testosterone bomb! Although its shape changes from time to time, growing a beard somehow always becomes trendy. 

Here are the celebrities with and without a beard, looking freakishly different!

1. Growing beard is the fastest shortcut men can choose to change their looks. And here is why:

Viggo Mortensen

2. And it takes skills to pull it off, just like a dress or a hair style. Unfortunately everybody grows a beard from time to time, without considering if they can rock it or not.

Ben Affleck

3. Bradley Cooper, for example, looks like a young boy without a beard and a fully matured, sexy man with one.

Bradley Cooper

4. But if you are a bit over middle-age you have to take a moment to really think about it. Because this thing called a beard can make you look 15 years older than you actually are.

Pierce Brosnan

5. And a beard alone doesn't cut it, you should also style your hair accordingly.

Hugh Jackman

6. And the beard you grow might represent your world view. So you should be careful about HOW you grow your beard.

Jake Gyllenhaal

7. You should also consider your facial lines. For example, this one looks rather funny on Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. Guys, don't act alone. Ask your friends, family, and sweetheart about their opinion of your beard.

Robert Pattinson

9. There is the hygiene side to this matter, too. Thick and long beards can smell like cigarettes or food if not cleaned daily.

Denzel Washington

10. Don't just let it grow on its own. Definitely give it a shape and style. If you can't do it on your own, seek professional help. Otherwise you risk looking ragged.

David Beckham

11. And some beard related choices just makes you think. For example this one is called 'The Wizard.'

Mel Gibson

12. And some men simply look too boring or too young without a beard. Here is an example:

Shia LaBeouf

13. Oh, those with a rectangular face shape are damn lucky. They just can't go wrong with a beard no matter what they do with it.

George Clooney

14. Tom Hardy with a beard is just dangerously hot.

Tom Hardy

15. Oh Jon, you can't make it with that baby face in Westeros!

Kit Harington

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