15 Must Know Facts About Brad Pitt And His Life!


Who would say that this guy is 52 years old? The world-renowned actor, Brad Pitt is still one of the hottest guys despite his age. Recently we have heard and seen a lot about his divorce from Angelina Jolie, but there is actually more to this guy.

Here are 15 things you should know about Brad Pitt.

1. The actor was born on December 18th in 1963 under the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

2. Two weeks before his graduation from Missouri University, he dropped out and went to Los Angeles to become an actor.

3. He initially did publicity events and worked at stands. He even had to wear a chicken suit and drive a limousine.

4. He had his first short part in "Dallas" and "Another World." It was thanks to this series that his good looks attracted attention.

5. His 15-minute role in "Thelma & Louise" got him the title of "The Sexiest Man in the World" in People Magazine, 1991.

6. Between the years 1994 and 1999 he starred in many movies and was not only talked about because of his looks but also his acting skills.

Kalifornia (1993) - True Romance (1993) - Interview with the Vampire (1994) - Legends of the Fall (1994) - Seven (1994) - 12 Monkeys (1995) - Sleepers (1996) - Seven Years in Tibet (1997) - Meet Joe Black (1998)

7. He got married with the actress Jennifer Aniston in 2000.

He had two short-term engagements prior to his marriage: __Juliette Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow.

8. He started a secret relationship with Angelina Jolie, who was blamed for the termination of the marriage with Anniston.

9. Although he was criticized about many topics including his relationships and cheating on his wife, his fans have always stood by his side.


10. 10 years after their relationship started, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married in 2014.

11. The press was all over and around this couple, which was said to be one of the most awesome couples in the world.

12. The couple, whose marriage and family structure was always shown as an example, won everybody's appreciation after Brad Pitt adopted the three children Angelina Jolie had adopted before: Maddox, Zahara and Pax.

13. Angelina Jolie, who became a mother before they got married, gave birth to their first child, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt.

14. And the couple had twin babies in France, in July, 2008.

They have a huge family with three adopted and three biological children.

15. But unfortunately we heard about the divorce earlier this month.

You can read more about that here.

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