13 Photos Prove That Paris Hilton Is The One Who Made Kim Kardashian Famous!


Started from the bottom now she's one of the most famous people out there!

1. Do you know who made Kim Kardashian famous? It was probably Paris Hilton.

2. So, how did this happen?

3. First of all, Kim Kardashian started as a Paris Hilton's "personal assistant".

4. She rubs her feet when it is necessary,

5. She was cleaning and arranging her clothes,

6. She did everything to make her happy.

7. Paris was dressing her in costumes that matched with hers. (like a barbie doll)

8. Sometimes Paris told her where to get off...

9. Sometimes Kim was almost invisible to her,

10. Especially with Nicky...

11. But over time, Kim became Paris' full time best friend!

12. That's how she began to have reputation that she wanted.

13. And these two are still best friends!

Started from the bottom,

But now,


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