12 Celebrities Who Are Known For Being Terrible At Parenting!


Being a responsible parent is a tough job and this doesn't change whether you are a celebrity or not. Not everyone is capable of being a responsible parent.

Here are some of these celebrities who are known for lacking parenting skills...

1. An American wrestler tops this list by having sex with his own daughter's best friend.


Yup, that's right! Hulk Hogan had intercourse with a woman who could as well be his daughter. How did this thing get leaked to the media? During the eventful divorce case with Hogan's wife, of course.

2. Courtney Love has had an on-and-off relationship with her daughter from the first day she became famous. It is believed that she didn't even quit heroin when she was pregnant.


Courtney lost custody of Frances Bean a dozen times due to her drug addiction. Frances Bean is a young woman in her 20s now. These two are on better terms at the moment. Frances embraces her mother's condition and states that her mother is not behaving the way she does on purpose.

3. When Britney had her children, she was going through a tough phase in her life. Due to these complications, she couldn't manage to be a good parent at all times.

When Britney had her children, she was going through a tough phase in her life. Due to these complications, she couldn't manage to be a good parent at all times.
When Britney had her children, she was going through a tough phase in her life. Due to these complications, she couldn't manage to be a good parent at all times.

Britney was getting psychological treatment and performing destructive behavior. Even the caretakers of her children were complaining that Britney was drunk around her children. Even if it was very difficult and challenging, Britney has left these dark days behind.

4. Having a parent such as Charlie Sheen might seem fun at first, but is it fun really?

Drug addiction, violence and alcoholism... The break up with Sheen's wife Denise Richards has turned into a painful process. The poor children had to witness all of the drama of this break up.

Denise Richards did everything she could to protect her children from this painful divorce.

5. Eddie Murphy denied his own child for consecutive years.


When Eddie Murphy was dating Mel B from the Spice Girls, Melanie got pregnant. When Eddie found out about this, he immediately left Mel B and claimed that this child was not related to him whatsoever.

Eventually, Melanie had a DNA test and proved that Eddie Murphy is the actual father.

6. Kate Moss might be the best model in this world, but she's definitely not a good role model to her daughter!


Because cocaine...

When Kate had to provide care and support for her daughter, she didn't leave her drug and alcohol habits behind. This is the reason why her parenting skills are criticized heavily. The rumor is that Moss lost herself in drugs so much that her poor daughter, Lily Grace, had to take care of her at times.

7. Tom Cruise is not famous for his excellent parenting skills. No doubt!


Cruise's parenting adventure began with the rumor that he ate his daughter's placenta. The weirdness went on with the claims that he had his daughter's poop gold plated.

What's more interesting is that Tom Cruise left Katie Holmes and Suri for months and never visited them for almost a year.

8. Kris Jenner is the usual suspect behind all the Kardashians!


Did you know that Kris Jenner came up with the idea of Keeping up with the Kardashians? Jenner has encouraged her own children to become celebrities since their childhood. Some even go as far as claiming that she is exploiting her own children and uses them to earn money.

Kris Jenner's daughters never had a chance to choose another lifestyle.

9. Woody Allen's current wife is actually his adopted daughter! Allen is also known for abusing his other adopted daughter.


When Woody Allen was still married to Mia Farrow, the couple adopted two girls as their children. Woody Allen had an affair with one of these girls and waited until the girl came of age to get married. 

Meanwhile, Allen's other daughter accused him for abusing her. The case against Allen was dropped due to the lack of evidence.

This is weird. So weird.

10. Everyone reacted to this photo of Michael Jackson almost dropping a baby from the balcony!


What was he thinking?!

11. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were criticized for pushing their children into the world of show business.


Way before Keeping up with the Kardashians, there was The Osbournes. The couple earned a considerable amount of money from this show. Sharon Osbourne was claimed to force her husband to go on with his concerts even the times he suffered from Parkinson's disease.

12. Pamela Anderson's daughter suffered the most from her mother's ups and downs.


Anderson had drama all over her life. She got married and divorced several times. She had aesthetic surgeries a number of times. All of these times were witnessed by her little daughter.

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