11 Contestants That Stole Our Hearts Both Because Of Their Looks And Voices


In this content, we proudly present you the contestants -of the shows that we are addicted to such as "The Voice" and "Britain's Got The Talent" - who are not only super cute but also have a great voice.

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Ryan Quinn - Can't Find My Way Home

This is Ryan. Although his jawline is quite distracting, he teaches music to the kids who suffer from a trauma.

Josiah Hawley - Sunday Morning

He became our day light thanks to his cool and calm attitude on the stage and his overly charismatic squint.

Daniel Passino - Marvin Gaye

We can only say "Damn, Danial" to this person who is in a whole new different level of the term 'baby face'

Justin Whisnant - Ain't Worth the Whiskey

And this is another piece of deliciousness that drive everybody crazy with his style and tattoos.

Charly Luske - This Is A Man's World

Charly from Holland gave the signal of his victory by making all the juries turn around after only in 2 seconds and 33 milliseconds after he started singing.

Luke Wade - That’s How Strong My Love Is

We wanted you to see how Luke, who fooled us with his 'family man' look and got cuter and cuter with his sympathetic attitude, lost himself by closing his eyes.

Bryan Bautista - The Hills

This Drake and The Weeknd mixture guy won our hearts with his smile.

Chris Jamison - Gravity

This young guy, who is a mixture of Michael Scofield and under-processed Channing Tatum, made it to our list thanks to the cuteness that come from his flap-ears.

Travis Cormier - Dream On

Ah, the part where he goes: "Dream On"!!!!

Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own

Calum, who went on to the stage right after his sister who was rejected, caused a family drama by getting Simon Cowell to hit the Golden Buzzer thanks to his smokey eyes and wonderful voice.

Stevie McCorie - All I Want

Stevie, who is normally a fire-fighter despite the heartbreaking pain feeling in his voice and his tattoos, finished that season in the first place. Rita Ora's reaction is enough to describe how we are feeling.

BONUS: Ellie Lawrence - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off

Just not to ignore our male readers who have made it to the end of our gallery: this one is for you, guys!

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