11 Celebrities Who'll Gross You Out With Their Disgusting Habits!

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You know how relieving it is to remember that celebrities are “people,” they’re just like “us.” Well, it turns out some of them aren’t really like us because we’re sure our readers brush their teeth, use deodorant, and wash their hair. Here’s the list of who don’t!

1. Robert Pattinson’s secret to greasy hair: not washing it.


He goes weeks without washing his hair. To be specific; he once said: "I haven't washed my hair in about six weeks."

2. Orlando Bloom is not a clean dude either.


Orlando Bloom has a nasty little habit of wearing the same clothes for days at a time. Without washing them, obviously! In fact, he rarely showers, and he prefers to just roll out of bed and get the show on the road.

3. Now this one is surprising: Megan Fox.


She reportedly doesn’t clean her house, sometimes “forgets” to flush the toilet, and just leaves her personal belongings lying around.

We are talking about NOT flushing, people. It’s officially the most disgusting thing in the world.

4. Lindsay Lohan has bad habits, yes we all know it.


But what you probably don’t know is that she bites her nails. Yes, you heard it right. Most of the time, she is biting her nails, even at public events.

5. Britney Spears and her half-eaten takeout.

You know that point while eating Chinese takeout when you realize that your eyes were bigger than your belly?

Well, it is at this point that Britney Spears slides the rest under her bed and hopes someone doesn't take a look. Unfortunately, someone did...the shame!

6. Don't let that gorgeous smile fool you. Jennifer Aniston is a bit dirty too!


She confessed that she doesn’t wash her hair after gym because, she thinks it looks better when it’s wet with sweat.

7. OMG. Brad Pitt?


"I got six kids. All you've got to do is just take [baby wipes], a couple quick wipes under the pits. I'm getting [peed] on all day. I don't have time to take a shower,” the actor once explained to his Inglourious Basterds co-star.

8. Jessica Simpson: so fresh and so clean? Not so much.


She admits in an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she only brushes her teeth "maybe three times a week."


"Because my teeth are so white and I don't like them to feel too slippery but I do use Listerine and I do floss every day," she explains. "But I don't brush them every day."

9. And Cameron Diaz swears a lot.


The Hollywood actress played a hapless tutor in Bad Teacher and some of her character's traits came as a real blessing.

"The swearing was great," says Cameron. "It's nice because usually I'm ruining takes because somehow it slips out when you're in the moment."

10. Matthew McConaughey doesn't wear deodorant.


He also doesn't wear cologne. And he hasn't for over 20 years.

11. Finally, Tiger Woods farts.


Well, we all do. But he farts in public. Numerous times, he was caught on camera farting.

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