10 Celebrities Showing Us That Age Is Just A Number!


Being a celebrity means being at the spotlight at all times. Some celebrities know this for a fact and spend a lot time on looking after themselves. From Jennifer Aniston to Cindy Crawford, these celebrities share their secrets on fighting against time and better living.

Here are 10 celebrities who always manage to look flawless!

1. Jennifer Lopez, 47 years old

"I don’t deprive myself of food. But I’ve taught myself to understand how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. For example, I always have a healthy snack with me, like fruit or some vegetables."

2. Jennifer Aniston, 47 years old

“We’ve got to really be conscious and mindful around what we put inside our bodies, and how we sleep and how we eat and how we take care of ourselves.”

3. Kylie Minogue, 48 years old

"I honestly don’t work out that hard. But I do use a lot of cosmetics that help my body. I’m also confident about the way I look."

4. Halle Berry, 50 years old

When you know you’ve got diabetes, you start keeping an eye on what you do — what you’re eating, how much you sleep, how much you weigh (in my case, there was the risk of malnutrition rather than being overweight). In this way — like it or not — you start looking after yourself more."

5. Cindy Crawford, 50 years old

"Everyone thinks that models have perfect figures right from the beginning, but that’s not true. I never focus on the things I like about myself, and instead I’m always thinking about what I need to watch out for. Being beautiful is not easy."

6. Elizabeth Hurley, 51 years old

"If you want to lose weight, then get yourself a dog — it’s the best possible solution. I go for runs every day in the park with my dogs. Half an hour of intensive playing with them has replaced going to the gym for me."

7. Elle Macpherson, 52 years old

"I get my motivation from feelings of joy, inspiration, passion, tranquility, and strength. All of this is more important to me than the numbers on the scales, and it’s what drives me to eat properly and work out."

8. Sharon Stone, 58 years old

"I’ve never seriously thought about whether I’m beautiful or not. But I do know one magical trick — I know how to create the illusion of being attractive. When a woman walks into the room, people don’t react to her beauty, but to the energy and strength which she radiates."

9. Christie Brinkley, 62 years old

"Dying your hair, visiting a beautician, and working out are only worth it if they make you feel more comfortable in your own body — you shouldn’t do any of this just because someone else demands it. Remember that the best thing you can do for yourself is give yourself good health."

10. Jane Seymour, 65 years old

"I hate depriving myself of my favorite things. If I want to eat pasta, I will — but only half a portion."

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