100-Calorie Snacks To Control Your Apetite


We sometimes eat those trashy snacks just because they’re low calorie.

So we’re here today to give you some healthier snack alternatives that will keep your hunger under control. Promise they’ll taste better!

1. 9 piece of Broccolis = 100 calories

Broccoli has vitamin C and improves our digestion system.

2. 1 Potato (middle size) = 100 calories

A potato meets our daily carbohydrate need and is also good for our hair and skin health.

3. 100 Raspberies = 100 calories

Raspberries are antioxidants and they help to lower our blood tension.

4. 31 asparagus = 100 calories

Rich in Vitamin A, B, and C; asparagus relieves our digestion system as well.

5. 100 Radishes = 100 calories

Radishes help avoids bad breath, regulate blood pressure, and our digestive system.

6. 82 reddish beans = 100 calories

Beans regenerate the old cells which create an anti-aging effect. It also helps to reduce rheumatism and sciatica pain.

7. 4 Anchovy = 100 calories

It’s known that Omega-3, which is rich in anchovies, is good for the heart and veins. It's also good for our eyes.

8. 28 mini carrot = 100 calories

Carrots help us in many ways from protecting the skin, hair, and nails to reducing the risk of heart diseases.

9. 12 Brussel Sprouts = 100 calories

Extremely rich in fiber, protein, vitamin, mineral, and antioxidants, this vegetable is essential for a healthier life.

10. 15 Cashew halves = 100 calories

Cashews contains magnesium and calcium minerals that are good for the health of our bones.

11. 5 Dried Figs = 100 calories

As a protector in the winter, dried figs contain high amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals that help to regenerate body cells and remove cholesterol out of the body before it mixes with our blood.

12. 50 Raisins = 100 calories

One of the best snacks with its important mineral content, which is extremely beneficial for those who have digestive problems.

13. 43 Okras = 100 calories

Okra helps to absorb water and removes the excessive cholesterol, metabolic toxins, and bile out of the body. The water that okra has helps avoid constipation, gas, and swelling.

14. 34 Brown Pasta = 100 calories

Pasta quickly makes you feel full. It's rich in vitamins and minerals. It also increases protein value of the pasta because it contains durum wheat.

15. 30 Shrimps = 100 calories

Due to its rich selenium content, shrimp neutralizes the elements that cause cancer and other serious diseases.

16. 16 Celery Ribs = 100 calories

As a powerful diuretic vegetable, it cleans the body of toxins and helps to remove the excessive water in the body.

17. 20 Dried Tomatoes = 100 calories

Dried tomatoes protect us from prostate, breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer. It will also protect you from asthma.

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