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10+ Best Lesbian Movies on Netflix [Updated for 2022]
With the modernization of societies, concepts such as lesbianism and homosexuality have come to the fore. Now people can express their sexual preferences more easily. For this reason, lesbian and gay subjects are handled in various films. There are lesbian movies that attract attention and are shown as favorites by many. There are many movies in the category of lesbian movies. We have compiled them for you, let's take a look together.
15 Best Scandinavian Shows That Also Inspired Other TV Shows
Any serial addicts here? Welcome! If you have finished all the TV series on the market and you want to examine the TV series from different geographies that have not yet come to light, this list is for you. We have listed beautiful TV series for you, which are the productions of Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, which made a lot of noise in their countries and inspired other productions. Have a good time already!
10 Best Movies To Watch On Disney+ For All Ages (Updated!)
With streaming platforms becoming more and more prominent, we basically already have access to a million TV shows and movies at the tip of our fingers. Great luck for us, too, since Disney already has its own streaming platform, Disney+.With just a mobile phone or any decent device with a good enough screen, we have unlimited choices as to what we can watch on that particular day. But of course, with every great invention, there is always a downside that we must face, and unfortunately, the advantage of having streaming platforms give us the disadvantages that come with it. Obviously, one of them is not being able to decide what to watch because of the infinite number of films and series that we can watch. But fret not since we are going to go through this list of the best Disney+ movies that all ages will surely enjoy.
10 Best True Crime Podcasts to Keep You Up at Night
You can deny all you want but you are here for a reason: to satiate your desire for bone-chilling, nerve wracking true crime podcasts. Whether it is going over one crime per episode or one crime over multiple episodes, true crime podcasts really just satisfy our inner soul and start our descent to madness.True crime catches our curiosities because we get a glimpse into the minds of probably some of the worst people who ever walked this planet and decided to commit heinous crimes. We get to understand their ways and how they were able to do what they did to their poor, innocent victims. Sometimes, we cannot even help but compare if we have similar attributes to those serial killers, right?But even if you are just listening to true crime podcasts for relaxation or for a deeper study, it is best to have a guide on where to start. Let us take a look at some of the best true crime podcasts that you can listen to.
10+ of Hollywood's Most Famous Twins Listed
One can’t have too much of a good thing when it comes to your favorite celebrity- so it comes as a pleasant surprise when fans find out that their most adored actors are actually twins. For the curious and hollywood-trivia hungry, here’s a list of popular tinseltown twins.
10 Best Anime Series on Netflix (Updated)
Netflix is surely expanding its selection of titles and it keeps on delivering what its audiences ask. Now while Netflix is known to have more Western TV shows and movies, the streaming service giant slowly adds more Asian content, particularly anime.For those unfamiliar with Netflix, it is actually an online streaming service which caters to different audiences worldwide. The platform offers different subscriptions depending on your needs. In addition, Netflix has an amazing algorithm that will help you decide what to watch so you will not be stuck in an infinite browsing loop. So with hundreds of movies, shows, and series on the platform. There is no denying that Netflix might be one of the best sites out there.One good thing about Netflix is that subscribers no longer have to rely on third-party, advertisement-infested websites just so they can have their anime fix. Similarly, the platform also has Netflix-only exclusives that give anime fans something to look forward to. Better quality dubs and subs are also available, thus making their watching experience better.But with all the selections available on the platform, where should one start? Do not fret because we are here to help. Here are some of the best anime series available on Netflix, may it be a Netflix-original or a borrowed title.
10+ Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix: Tickle your funny bone with the best comedy shows
Streaming giant Netflix is known to have pretty much any show that one would want to watch regardless of its genre. True to this assumption, Netflix makes sure to have the newest and most popular shows, and its comedy section certainly does not disappoint.Recently, Netflix launched a new line of shows that focused on stand-up comedy and compiled various stand-up specials from different famous and up-and-coming comedy artists. The comedy specials all fall under the “Netflix Stand-up” label.If you are planning to watch some stand-up comedy and do not know where to start, then this list would be perfect for you.
9 Best Comedies on HBO Max to Watch Right Now
People will never get enough of comedy— that is the universal truth. Yes, one may say that it could be quite boring to just watch funny shows all the time, but that is the good thing about comedy: it is always funny but never in the same way.With comedy always being handy, streaming platforms make sure to have an abundance of it in their lists. Luckily for HBO Max subscribers, the platform does not fall short of supply. But first, what exactly is HBO Max?HBO Max is an online streaming service owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. It is basically a successor of both HBO Now and HBO Go and boasts a wide library of movies and shows. It also has content from BBC Studios, Sesame Workshop, Cartoon Network, and other third-party content that they have acquired rights to. Basically, HBO Max is just one of the online streaming giants that you should get a subscription for.So, going back, HBO Max has a wide variety of comedies that you could watch and this list will help you narrow down your choices.
7 Best Horror Audiobooks of 2022 that Will Make Your Spine Chill
Audiobooks are a genius invention, mainly because you can already “read” or listen to your favorite book without having to physically hold it. You can get chores done, take a bath, finish a painting, run some errands, and do other things all while being able to digest a magnificent piece of literature.One famous genre that utilizes audiobooks’ marvelous storytelling is the horror genre. Imagine having that build up of emotions in the way the narrator tells you the scenes or maybe how a sudden drop in the narrator’s voice depicts an omen. Audiobooks can surely do wonders for those who love the spine-chilling stories that authors want to convey.With that, there is already an abundance of audiobooks that people who love the scary scene can enjoy. Let us take a look at some of the best horror audiobooks in 2022*.*popular in 2022 but may be published some years earlier