Why HBO Max's 'Made for Love' was Revoked after only Two Seasons

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> Why HBO Max's 'Made for Love' was Revoked after only Two Seasons

It's the final destination for HBO Max's Made for Love, but the series will remain in our minds forever. 

Several sources have confirmed that the streaming platform revoked the dark rom-com series after two installments. The second season ended on May 19th, serving as the show's finale.

The Crew's Remarks

'We are so thankful for the truly remarkable journey of these past two installments. Much thanks to Ray, Billy, Cristin, Christina Lee, Alissa Nutting, and the whole Made for Love cast and innovative crew- especially Zelda and everyone for showing interest. Like a Gogol chip, Made for Love will forever be in our minds,' HBO Max's representative mentioned in a statement.

The cancellation happened soon after one of HBO Max's other titles, Raised by Wolves by Ridley Scotts, was canceled amidst the ongoing shakeups at the streamer's new parent organization, Warner Bros. Discovery.

What's 'Made for Love' about?

Grounded on Alissa Nutting's book of the same title, Made for Love is a poignantly funny tale of modern love and divorce. The first installment, which launched on April 1st, 2021, centered on Hazel Green portraying Milioti in her mid-30s. She is on the move after enduring ten years in a shaky marriage to a tech billionaire, Byron Gogol playing Billy Magnussen. 

After realizing that her partner installed a monitoring device, 'the Made for Love chip' in her brain Hazel ran away to her desert village to take refuge with his dad, Herbert impersonating Ray Romano, and his synthetic lover, Diane. 'The made-for-love chip' enabled Byron to track all Hazel's moves and understand her 'emotional data.'

The second installment, which premiered April 28th and ended May 19th, displayed Hazel's return to Byron's high-tech premises to get her dad's terminal cancer treated. The big question for this second installment is who is playing who as Hazel lays down her boundaries while returning to Byron and him accepting her rules?

Who is in 'Made for Love'?

Besides Magnussen, Milioti, and Romano, the series also stars Sarunas J. Jackson depicting Jay, Caleb Foote acting Bennett Hobbes, Augusto Aguilera enacting Liver, Dan Bakkedahl representing Herringbone, and Homa Dumezweni playing Tiffany. 

Made for Love is chiefly produced by SJ Clarkson, Daisy Mayer, Liza Chasin, Dean Bakopoulos, Patrick Somerville, Alissa Nutting, and Christina Lee. In the second season, Nutting joined Lee as her co-show-runner.