Who is Doja Cat Dating in 2022?

etiket Who is Doja Cat Dating in 2022?

Pauline Nicole Sael
October 20 2022 - 08:42pm

If you have seen many of the TikTok videos of the rapper Doja Cat, you may come to a conclusion that the rapper’s not shy. Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, commonly known as Doja Cat, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

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Doja Cat was raised in Los Angeles, where she was born, and as a teenager she began creating and sharing music online. At the age of 17, she signed a combined record deal with RCA Records and Kemosabe. In 2014, she released her debut EP, Purrr! because of their fascination with her song 'So High.'

The vocalist started gaining traction even though she had been posting songs to SoundCloud since 2014 thanks to one particular performance. Doja's song 'Moo!' helped her become an online meme. ', which after going viral on Twitter has over 75 million views on YouTube.

Let's find out who she has been dating and if she's currently single or in a relationship right now.

Bree Runway

In July 2021, fans questioned whether Doja Cat and British musician Bree Runway were dating. The rumors started after Bree tweeted, 'my hot date @DojaCat,' along with two photographs of Doja. Doja used the tongue-licking emoji in her tweet reply. The 'Kiss Me More' singer also tweeted, 'I have a girlfriend, and I'm going public @breerunway,' along with photographs of Bree.

It appears that Doja and Bree are good friends, joking around on the timeline. Some of their admirers and supporters, nevertheless, think they might be dating.

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Johnny Utah

The odd couple met online, as with most internet relationships. Although Doja Cat admitted she doesn't really enjoy Johnny's music, she was drawn to his aesthetic after watching the music video for his song Honey Pie. According to Johnny in an interview, 'She didn't like the song at all. She despised it.”

First move was made by Doja through their shared interest. Although an online publication Popbuzz said that the oddball duo decided to split up in February 2020. Johnny and Doja's romance finally fizzled out after enduring a number of problems, including Doja receiving backlash for making racist remarks on social media.

Doja told Popbuzz that she avoids stalking her ex on his social media pages and that 'everything is well. I unfollowed my ex-boyfriend and everything is fine. We have been calm. Nothing strange has been going on. There is no drama, or odd s**t going on. S**t just didn't work out.'

Lil Dicky

Following the rapper's performance on his show Dave, suspicions of a relationship between Doja Cat and Lil Dicky surfaced. The most recent episode of Dave, which debuted its second season on June 16, 2021, featured Doja Cat.

However, there is no proof that Lil Dicky and Doja Cat are or have ever been a couple, despite the possibility being hinted at in the Dave episode 6 trailer.

French Montanna

The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, where Doja Cat's most recent performance took place, was the location of the recent uptick in reports about their relationship.

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When they were spotted having fun on a yacht vacation in late 2020, the couple first stirred relationship suspicions. At the time, Doja refuted the rumors and made it clear they were only friends.

Mystery Man

Speculations have been made by Doja’s fans that she is not single, even though she is making every effort to keep the relationship a secret. She might have unwittingly divulged that she had a boyfriend. 

On one of her Instagram Lives, someone called her “babe.” This made the rapper freaked out, but she smiled and just told the mystery man that she was on a live show before deciding to end the live show.

Fans have attempted to identify the man, but it is difficult to do from a single phrase that they spoke. Doja Cat does not want to find that person, whatever he may be.

Doja Cat is quick to dispel rumors if she is not with someone, even though she rarely admits it when she is. She is obviously a private person who wants to keep that aspect of her life private until she is certain that the relationship is sincere.

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The personal life of the rapper is quite private that’s why the fans have had quite a hard time finding out some of her past relationships and even the current ones. The rapper’s been spending her time doing the things that she and her fan loves while also having the best time of her life.

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