Which Playing Card Are You?


In standard 52-card deck, each card has a meaning and they differ in their ranks. This time, we’re not inviting you to a table to play, but will tell you which playing card represents you the best! Take the test and find out if you’re the Ace of Clubs, the Queen of Hearts, or something else!

1. First of all, are you a female or a male?


2. Which one is your favorite suit?


3. Choose a color that suits your mood the best!

Silver gray

4. Which card game are you the most successful at?

Something else

5. Which one is the closest to be your motto?

Only God can judge me!
No women no cry.
Brace yourself, winter is coming.
Love like a man, live like a woman!
Money, money, money...
Speech is silver, silence is gold!
Carpe Diem!
Mind your own business!

6. Do you belive in luck?

7. Choose a place to go gambling!

Monte Carlo
Las Vegas
Atlantic City

8. And lastly... Which one is more important to you?

Personal development
Love and sex

It's Joker!


Joker matches you perfectly! You have a unique personality which makes you recognizable among other people. You’ve always known that you were different, since your childhood. So, you don’t feel like you belong to anyone or anywhere. Besides, your sense of humor and your understanding of irony make you even more sophisticated and special. You never do shit-talking. Even ordinary, daily conversations with you can turn into deep philosophical debates.

It's the Jack of Hearts!


You have a warm heart. No matter how hard you try to hold a grudge, you let it go in the end. The most important thing to you is friendship. It’s almost like you live for it. You get so happy when friends are around; isn’t home where your loved ones are, anyway? Your love life, on the other hand, is so full of passion and instability. You cause earthquakes when you’re in love. Well yes, it’s that serious!

It's the Queen of Hearts!


Queen of hearts represents feminism, the strong woman who is independent and doesn’t need others’ approval. Just like you! You’re trying to survive in this male dominated world and you know what? You rock! It’s not your looks that make you successful in life, you attract people with your intellect first, and the respect follows it naturally. Go, woman! How brave you are!

It's the Queen of Diamonds!


You know the cliché: Women are emotional, they put sentimentality before rationality, they can’t be scientists etc etc… If those lame people saw you, they’d think again. You’re rational, analytcial, and yes, there’s a scientist in you. You put reason before your emotions. Besides, you’re ambitious, you get what you set your mind on. But this doesn’t mean you’re masculine, you know how to be feminine just as much as other women!

It's the Ace of Diamonds!


Ace of diamonds represents the change, motion and travel. You’re a true adventurist. The only thing that doesn’t change in your life is your ability to adapt. You can’t sit and do nothing, even just for a minute. Being stuck somewhere just doesn’t suit you. You love action. Anyway, tell us sometime where you were the last time someone was looking for you, please?

It's the Ten of Hearts!


First of all, you probably have a difficult life. When everyone around you was putting their life together, something went wrong in yours. You’ve seen so much, bared too much, but they couldn’t kill you. And what didn’t kill you made you stronger. You know how to get up and fight. Don’t be worry, these all will just go away and you’ll find the peace you've waited for so long!

It's the Ace of Hearts!


Ace of hearts represents love, peace, happiness and tranquility. In other words, it represents you! Merciful, compassionate, optimist, and a true lover! No offense, but  you go blind when you’re in love. You get all naive, clumsy and childish. Also, you’re very domestic. You put your family, your home and your partner before everything else. Don’t know if you’re considering it, but you are definitely marriage material!

It's the Ace of Clubs!


Wow, we got a badass over here! Not everyone could be the ace of clubs. You’re charming and your charisma is beyond control.  First of all, you know how to dress, you’re elegant and sometimes, well, you look down on other people. You have expensive hobbies, don’t you? You can give up on everything but your life standards. To afford the luxury you want, maybe you have to work hard, but that’s not a problem for you. You’re the boss, in short. You always have to have the last word!

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