Which Brad Pitt Character Should Be Your Lover?


Ever wondered which Brad Pitt character is your soulmate? 

Well, here's your answer!!

1. What is the best thing about the autumn?

Hot Chocolate
Wearing jackets
Rainy weather

2. Which one is the best location to watch a movie?

Movie theater, of course.
Alone in your room
At home with a couple of friends

3. Which of these couples is your favorite?

Gwyneth Paltrow-Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt

4. When was the last time you lied to someone?

5 minutes ago
More than a month
I don't remember
I never lie

5. Which one of the below is the most annoying?

Biting your own tongue
Hitting your foot on the table
Not being able to catch the train within seconds
Realizing that there is no toilet paper

6. Here's the last question: Where did you first meet your BFF?


You got Tyler Durden!


According to your answers, you should be dating Tyler Durden from Fight Club. The most annoying thing in this world is boring people and their boring lives. Your date should provide something out of the ordinary. He should look for action in anything. Your date should be energetic, ambitious and eager. You deserve someone like this!

You got Achilles!


According to your answers, your date should be the mythological hero Achilles. Your relationship priority is courage and you like the idea of prince charming saving you from your troubles. If your significant other is courageous like you, you're ready to go all the way with him. Your boyfriend should protect you and fight for your relationship at all costs.

You got Mickey!


According to your answers, you should date Mickey, the legendary boxer from Snatch. You want to be surrounded with people who are honest and truthful. As a matter of fact, you expect everyone to be like this. You don't like mind tricks. You want your significant other to be open and blunt. You know for a fact that this type of person will bring out the best in you!

You got Benjamin Button!


According to your answers, you should date Benjamin Button. You think that all of the material things in this world are temporary. Your ideal relationship requires both parties to make sacrifices. You want your significant other to be devoted in the relationship. You know that respect is more important than love when it comes to relationships.

You got David Mills!


According to your answers, you should date charismatic detective David Mills from Se7en. You can't imagine yourself dating someone who is not intelligent. You know for a fact that dating a genius is necessary for the ideal relationship. You like when your partner has the ability to speak into your mind. No matter how good or bad someone looks, your priority is intelligence!

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