When You See These 19 Photos You'll Feel The Cold In Your Bones!


These 19 photos will make you feel in Game of Thrones...

19. A car wheel looks like in winter.

18. Who needs a mascara in February?

17. Car is still parked.

16. You played snowballs for the first time and you will never forget it...

15. You developed your camouflage skills...

14. "I opened the trunk and this happened."

13. You can find an art piece in everywhere...

12. Weather is not that cold at all.

11. Perfect snowflake.

10. "I found a window in the attic."

9. The traffic lights look forward to spring...

8. The snow shows the problem with your neighbors.

7. Reality can be cooler than Photoshop.

6. Your snowman vs the Tower of Pisa

5. When you see this you realize you have to take the bus today.

4. Clothing doesn't help in the winter.

3. Game of Snowboards

2. It is not an ocean... Just a street.

1. Christmas tree can be seen from a distance...

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