What to Know About Netflix’s Upcoming Comedy Series ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’

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Netflix unveiled the official trailer for the comedy series God’s Favorite Idiot starring Melissa McCarthy as the lead alongside her husband, Ben Falcone.


The trailer has been around since Friday, May 6, introducing McCarthy as Amily Luck, an employee of a tech organization and Falcone as Clark Thompson, her colleague. Just when the two begin dating, Clark gets struck by lightning, making him glow like an angel. 

Amily narrates the incident to their colleagues, who are shocked and start to analyze the whole situation, describing it as religious. Their research and investigation distract the tech guys from work, which their boss notices and questions them about it.

An angel descends from heaven to tell Clark that he has been chosen by God to help the world from evil caused by Satan. We even see the four horsemen of the apocalypse following Clark and Amily to a shopping store. Watch the formidable trailer below:

Twitter Announcement

Netflix announced the series premiere date June 15 on Twitter on the same May 6 date. The logline, "Saving the world from Satan herself is a team effort. Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Bibb star in God’s Favorite Idiot, premiering June 15,” accompanies the trailer.


Joining the lead duo in the Biblical humor series is Leslie Bibb as Satan, Kevin Dunn as Gene, Clark’s father, Steve Mallory as Frisbee, the low-level middle manager at the tech company and Yanic Truesdale as Chamuel, an angel. 

Clark and Amily’s colleagues include Usman Ally as Mohsin Raza, Chris Sandiford as Tom and Ana Scotney as Wendy.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse featured in the trailer are Yure Covich as Death, Denise Roberts as War, Goran D. Kleut as Famine and Rahel Romahn as Pestilence.

Premiere Date

The first season of God’s Favorite Idiot, containing 16 total episodes, will premiere on June 15, with the first batch of eight episodes.

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