What Is Your Mathematical Personality Type?


You have been wondering many things about yourself and reading about your zodiac sign, taking tests to learn about your IQ and EQ. Mathematics is such an important part of our lives, but have you ever wondered which part of it relates to  your personality? Let’s find out!

1. First, look at all the numbers and pick the one that you are most drawn to.

2. Now pick a geometric shape.

3. Pick a mathematical term.

4. Now pick a prime number.

5. Pick a geometric solid.

6. Now add up the numbers of your date of birth as shown in the example and pick the result. (Repeat until there is only one number left)

7. Pick one of these mathematicians.

John Nash
Omer Khayyám
Alan Turing

8. Finally, which season were you born in?


Emotional Sine!

You’re an emotional sine according to the answers you gave. You’re really emotional and loyal! Your life has many ups and downs like a sine curve. This affects you a lot but it doesn’t has any affect on the importance you give to your family and friends. Since the sine curve intersects with coordinate plane on (0,0), it helps you to think logically even though you’re a very emotional person. And since the sine curve’s limits are certain in Y axis, you are loved by the people around you. You’re pretty lucky, you're damn popular! :)

Logarithmic creative!

You’re a logarithmic creative, according to the answers you gave. You’re very creative and talented! Since logarithmic curves never have negative values on the X axis, it make you extraordinary and gives you a totally different aspect of life. You have an artsy soul! You have an outstanding ability and personality that never takes long for people to notice you and put you in the center of attention.

Independent Spiral!

You’re an independent spiral according to the answers you gave. Freedom is in the center of your life. You hate it when you're controlled and forced to stick to the rules. Since Archimedean spiral starts from (0,0) on coordinate plane, you take all your decisions based on a logical sense and the logarithmic effects which make you more independent. Your independent character is a result of your braveness. You open up to infinity, like a spiral :)

Tempting Pi!

You’re a tempting pi according to the answers you gave. You’re very social, attractive and love to have fun. But this is not an ordinary attractiveness. It’s like a ratio of attractiveness that is hard to find in nature, just like pi. Social life is the center of your life. A monotone life is not for you. Otherwise, you immediately feel depressed. Your communication skills are pretty strong; you know how to talk to people. The limits of your attractiveness are not discovered yet, like the Pi number. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a relationship expert? :)

Fun Polynomial!

You’re a fun polynomial, according to the answers you gave. You’re really fun and sympathetic. Your life is full of colors like a polynomial’s infinite variables. You have the potential to constantly surprise people around you. You’re always the source of fun. You have a constant, like polynomials, and this is the dominant part of your character. Sometimes honest, sometimes brave, sometimes romantic: your mood changes depending on the person you’re with. But the only thing that doesn’t change is your cheer and sense of humor :)

Absolute Smart!

You’re an absolute smart, according to the answers you gave. You’re very clever and realistic. Not only analytically, but you’re also emotionally intelligent. You’re the best when it comes to turning the negative conditions into positive things. Just like the absolute value :) You know how to analyze situations and bring up solutions pretty well. The only thing you need to succeed is the desire for success! Don’t even need to mention how strong your senses are :)

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